This Is The Best Easter Egg From The Dr. Strange Movie…Period

Doctor Strange Movie

Have you watched the Dr. Strange movie yet? If you haven’t, consider this your warning. I WILL be talking very extensively about one particular scene in the movie that made long-time fans instantly orgasm.

So, with that being said, if you don’t want to know anything more, leave this page, but not the website. There is a whole load of amazing articles you should read.

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Moving On

Motivation Dr Strange

For the rest of you that stayed, did you catch the scene where Baron Mordo and Dr. Strange are having a sparring session?

Did you see what Mordo called his weapon?

The “Staff of the Living Tribunal”?!?

While it may not seem too impressive for someone who isn’t educated in the happenings of the Marvel Universe, understand that this is a HUGE deal.

First things first

It finally happened. The Dr. Strange movie acknowledged that there is more than one universe in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).


In Marvel and DC for that matter, the universes (yes, there is more than one) that exist are given numbers to differentiate themselves from one another. For example, in Marvel the Regular Universe is known as Earth 616, the Ultimate Universe is called Earth 1610 and the Cinematic Universe is Earth-199999.

So far, so good?


Why does this matter?


The entity that watches over all of the universes within Marvel is known as the One-Above-All. It is their job to ensure that everything is “kept in check”.

The One-Above-All is the most powerful entity in the Marvel Universe, period.

He is Omnipotent (almighty), Omnipresent (is everywhere), and Omniscient (complete knowledge of everything).

The One-Above-All needed help. Knowing this, it created the Living Tribunal. The purpose of the Living Tribunal is to keep the balance of mystical forces equal throughout the Multiverse.

Secondly, the Living Tribunal can prevent one universe from gaining too much power which could result in an upset of the cosmic balance. Finally, it can also and will also prevent an imbalance of good and evil in any one universe. Basically, like Walker, Texas Ranger, it keeps order.

Ok, big deal

When Mordo explains the staff to Strange, he cautions that some forces are just too powerful for any one universe. For these, they are “stored” inside artifacts.

His weapon of choice? The Staff of the Living Tribunal.

And this wasn’t the only artifact mentioned: The Cloak of Levitation, the Vaulting Boots of Valtorr just to name a few.

Understand that the mere mention of the Living Tribunal opens up a doorway to an infinite number of possibilities.

Say what?

You know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is building up each of their movies to one Grand Finale encounter with Thanos.

So where does he fit in?

In one of the most acclaimed storylines in comic history, The Infinity Gauntlet, it is the Living Tribunal that allows Thanos to collect the Infinity Stones for the purpose of becoming all powerful. Realizing his colossal mistake, at the end of the story, it is the Living Tribunal that splits the stones up between Adam Warlock and others with the purpose that they never unite again.

Remember, it is the job of the Living Tribunal to create and maintain the mystical balance between all the universes.

If this doesn’t excite you, well…I suppose that’s ok.

But I for one am extremely excited.

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