‘Echo’ Post-Credit Scene Explained: Will Kingpin Run For Mayor?


All 5 episodes of ‘Echo’ have been released today, and we’ve seen Maya Lopez making peace with her family but also hunting down Kingpin, only for the fight to end in a draw because Maya, instead of killing Kingpin, decided to heal him. While the last scene in the show is connected to Echo and her family, the show does have a post-credit scene and a significant one that might be connected to ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ Let’s see what it’s about.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • ‘Echo’ post-credit scene implies that Kingping will run for the office of Mayor of New York.
  • This might tie into ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ as we know that both Matt and Wilson are going to be looking for ways to reinvent themselves.

‘Echo’ does have a post-credit scene, and it’s all about Kingpin

‘Echo’ is not the first MCU show to have a post-credit scene, as it’s been a regular occurrence ever since ‘WandaVision’ show was released, but in any case, it’s rarely that the content of a post-credit scene leads into another MCU projects so perfectly.

During Echo’s last fight against Kingpin, we can see Maya channeling her mother’s powers of healing to reach into Kingpin’s psyche and seemingly restore him to a decent human being. Kingpin is forced to take a good long look at his most terrible memories, of his father abusing his mother, but also his memories of acting like a monster in front of young Maya.

Maya is crying in the scene full of Kingpin’s pain with compassion radiating from her, but Kingpin starts screaming that he can’t be what she wants him to be, most likely meaning that he can’t be good, he can’t be a hero. He is a monster, and that’s all he ever will be.

Back in the real world, Kingpin is kneeling with Maya, holding hands on his forehead; Kingpin suddenly snaps back to reality and demands to know what Maya did to him. Instead of Kingpin killing Maya and her family, or Maya killing Kingpin and his men, Wilson departs for New York at once.

The post-credit scene shows Wilson in his private plane; he is telling his assistant to call the meeting with the heads, presumably various men and women that keep running various different parts of his criminal empire. I’m guessing that they have a lot to talk about now that his weapons warehouse has been blown up and that Echo no longer works for him and is actively working to sabotage him.

At that moment, Kingpin sees on TV two news commentators talking about the New York mayoral race. One of the commentators is talking about how the current race needs a brawler-type mayor, someone who does not hesitate to break a few bones for the people of New York he needs to serve.

After that brief segment, Kingpin seems to be lost in thought, and it looks like he is seriously considering running for the Mayor.


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How does ‘Echo’ post-credit scene tie into ‘Daredevil: Born Again’

The post-credit scene from ‘Echo’ seemingly shows us what kind of Kingpin we will see in ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ It was already confirmed that ‘Born Again’ will be a reboot of the existing Daredevil universe within the MCU that was started with Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ series. We know that Matt will open a new law firm and will look for a way to reinvent himself. While Karen and Foggy will not return, Vincent D’onofrio’s Kingpin has been confirmed to return several times already, and he too will have a different motivation to clash with Daredevil and will be looking for ways to reinvent himself as well.

If Kingpin does run for Mayor and wins the race, it’s quite possible that the show will present us with a version of a well-known comic-book storyline since Kingpin was mayor in the comics as well.

In the comics, Kingpin successfully runs for mayor of New York City and adopts an aggressive stance against vigilantes, particularly targeting Daredevil. Matt Murdock takes a unique approach to counter this by accepting the position of Fisk’s deputy mayor. Matt aims to exploit this role to undermine Fisk’s criminal activities from within the system.

However, when an assault by the Hand results in Kingpin falling into a coma, Matt finds himself serving as the acting mayor of the city. During Fisk’s recovery, Matt negotiates a promise from him to cease hostilities against vigilantes. Once Fisk is back on his feet, Matt resigns as deputy mayor but insists on Fisk honoring their agreement to end the war on superheroes.

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