Episode Count for the Upcoming ‘The Sandman’ Season 2 Reportedly Revealed

Episode Count for The Upcoming The Sandman Season 2 Reportedly Revealed

‘The Sandman’ TV Series released in 2022 was an unexpected hit that fans quickly took a liking to.

The show was developed by Gaiman, Goyer, and Heinberg for Netflix and produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television, following the story of Dream/Morpheus. Starring Tom Sturridge as the lead, with supporting roles played by Boyd Holbrook, Vivienne Acheampong, and Patton Oswalt. Initially intended as a film adaptation in 1991, the project faced delays and shifted to television. Netflix picked up the series in 2019, with filming completed from October 2020 to August 2021. Premiering in August 2022 with 10 episodes available, it got positive reviews from critics, particularly for its casting, production design, faithfulness to the source material, and performances.

In November 2022 the show was renewed for a second season, and we’ve been patiently waiting all this time. Filming for the second season started on June 23, 2023, at Shepperton Studios but was halted in July due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. Production resumed on November 30, 2023, as confirmed by Gaiman.

Now according to What’s On Netflix, the second season episode count has been leaked, and the upcoming season will consist of 12 episodes in total. The first season consisted of 11 episodes.

Not much is known regarding the plot of the show but we can expect the familiar faces to reprise their roles. Tom Sturridge will reprise the role of Lord Morpheus, also known as Dream, who embodies dreams and nightmares and serves as the ruler of the Dreaming.

Additionally, Sturridge provides the voice for Dream’s black cat counterpart in the episode ‘Dream of a Thousand Cats.’ Boyd Holbrook portrayed the Corinthian in the first season of the series. The Corinthian is depicted as a nightmare who manages to escape from the Dreaming. Vivienne Acheampong appeared as Lucienne, the librarian of the Dreaming who takes care of the realm in Dream’s absence. Patton Oswalt lends his voice to Matthew the Raven, Dream’s emissary. Originally a human, Matthew died in his sleep and was reborn as a raven by Lucienne.

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