Ewoks vs. Wookiees: What Are the Differences & Who Is Stronger?

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Ewoks and Wookiees are two different species in Star Wars, but due to both of them being furry menaces ready to fight anyone, people often mistake them for one another or believe that they are the same species altogether. Despite their similarities, however, they are, in fact, quite different in many ways. So, what are the differences between Ewoks and Wookiees, and which species is stronger?

Ewoks look like sweet, cuddly, short little teddy bears – but they are far from harmless. Ewoks are vicious warriors and would certainly give the much bigger Wookiees a run for their money in a fight. Still, Wookiees are far bigger, stronger, and have better technology, meaning they’d likely prevail.

There’s more of a history between Ewoks and Wookiees that many don’t know. In fact, there’s a behind-the-scenes reason why the two Star Wars species are so similar in some ways. Without further ado, let’s explore the lore of both species; who they are and how they live – to determine their differences and eventually deduct who’s stronger.

Are the Ewoks related to the Wookiees?

Wookiees and Ewoks might seem related on the surface – they are both furry and have similar names. However, that’s about everything the two species have in common. They are not related in any way and, in fact, aren’t even from the same star system.

Wookiees – like Chewbacca, Han Solo’s co-pilot, and most loyal friend – are from a planet called Kashyyyk. They are big, strong, hairy, intelligent, and great with advanced technology – as we see Chewie pilot a starship or repair and reassemble C-3PO.

Due to their natural physical predispositions, Wookiees are constantly under the attacks of the neighboring Trandoshans, a reptilian species that tried enslaving Wookiees countless times. Luckily, Master Yoda defended the Wookiees for centuries.


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Still, they caught the eye of the Empire, who captured and enslaved Wookiees in huge numbers. Chewie would’ve had the same fate hadn’t he teamed up with Han Solo while they were both imprisoned.

On the other hand, Ewoks live on a completely different planet – a moon, to be precise – named Endor. They are about a third of the size of Wookiees and still live in a much more primitive manner in terms of civilization and technology. Ewoks are like one with nature, still using spears and stones as weapons.

Their moon is infested with countless dangerous species – most notably the Gorax. They are a giant species of humanoid creatures, growing well over 10 meters tall. The Gorax descended from the mountains often to hunt down Ewoks and other prey that lived on the forest floor.

ewoks wookiees

So, the Ewoks started building their settlements and villages high up in the trees, out of the Gorax’s reach. There are other dangerous species that made the Ewoks live above ground – like the wolf-boar, which Gorax tend to use as pets to sniff out Ewoks and other prey.

Although they might look super cute at first, Ewoks are actually vicious beings, fighting for survival every day of their lives. They are known as human-eaters – hence, the numerous Stormtrooper helmets and equipment all around their settlements.


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Why were the Wookiees changed to Ewoks?

In the final battle in Return of the Jedi, Ewoks played a crucial role in defeating the empire on their native moon, Endor. Despite their primitive technology and weaponry, they decimated the Empire’s armies with sheer intelligence in combat, strength in numbers, and guerilla-style warfare.

However, that final battle was initially supposed to be held on Kashyyyk, and the Wookiees were supposed to be the species that decimated the Empire. So, why were the Wookiees changed to Ewoks in the final battle?

George Lucas always intended for a species with primitive technology to be the one to defeat the Empire in the final battle of the trilogy, making it sort of a nature-versus-technology battle. It was supposed to be Wookiees – a primitive species that lacked the technology but were smart enough to be taught certain objectives to be viable slaves.

ewoks wookiees krrsantan 1

However, over the course of the trilogy, we had already seen Chewbacca wield blasters, be an incredible mechanic, co-pilot the Millenium Falcon, and many other features proving that Wookiees are intelligent and good with technology. 

Lucas could’ve made Chewie the exception, being the one outstanding tech-savvy Wookiee, but instead, he opted to create a completely new species. Seeing that Wookiees were tall and bulky, he wanted the new species to be short and non-threatening at first glance. He shuffled the letters a bit, got rid of an ‘i’ and an ‘e’ – and voila, WOoKiE became Ewok.


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That way, he could make Wookiees canonically more advanced technologically while creating a whole new ‘primitive’ species that uses spears and stones to defeat the unfathomably more advanced Empire.

Is Chewbacca a Wookiee or an Ewok?

ewoks wookiees chewie

If you’re still confused about Wookiees and Ewoks, let Chewbacca be your guide. The big roaring fan-favorite furry giant is a Wookie, not an Ewok.

Chewie is a Wookiee, while Wickett Warrick is an Ewok. Wookiees – ‘giant bears,’ Ewoks – ‘tiny bears.’

Who is stronger: Wookiees or Ewoks?

When you look at an Ewok – barely three feet (1m) tall, with big, adorable brown eyes and a facial expression resembling a teddy bear – you’d think that these little cuties are completely harmless. And, you’d be so, so wrong.

Ewoks fight for survival every day. They fight giants and dragons. They eat humans and want to eat Luke and Han. An Ewok’s strength, scaled to their proportions – is equal, if not greater than that of a Wookiee. It’s kind of like ants being capable of lifting 15 times their weight. Scaled to human size, that’d be like a human causally carrying a car.


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I mean, they can throw a spear so powerful that it easily penetrates a Stormtrooper’s armor. An Ewok can throw a rock so hard that it pierces through a metal helmet and kills a Trooper on the spot. Oh yes, these little teddy bears are deadly.

However, they might be insanely strong for their size, but if you take into consideration the fact that Wookiees are three times their size while keeping a similar strength-to-size ratio, it’s clear that Chewie and crew are still physically stronger than Ewoks.

Who would win in a fight between Wookiees and Ewoks?

ewoks wookiees warrick

They might be a bit behind technology-wise, but Ewoks are quick learners, and they are incredibly talented warriors and strategists. They fear nothing and fight creatures ten times bigger than they are all the time.

However, I still don’t believe it’d be enough to beat Wookiees. Why? Because Wookiees are basically all that – incredible warriors, exceptionally strong, smart, and strategic – but three times the size of Ewoks. I mean, a Wookiee is very capable of tearing your arm out, right out of your shoulder, and then bashing your head in using the arm as a club.

They are bigger, stronger, and more technologically advanced. Despite being super strong for their size, Wookiees would overpower Ewoks any day of the week. It would be a solid fight, but the roaring behemoths would eventually prevail.

What is your favorite Star Wars species? Let us know in the comments!

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