New Superman Suit Reveal Stirs Heated Debate Among the Fans: “The Downgrade is INSANE”

New Superman Suit Reveals Stirs Heated Debate Among the Fans The Downgrade is INSANE

Yesterday was a big day for fans of the upcoming ‘DCU,’ as we’ve gotten a first look at Corenswet’s Superman suit. In the photo, Superman can be seen putting on his bright red boots, with imagery in the background being a nod to an alien attack in the sky.

The costume was met with mixed reviews with several notable complaints, most of them being completely unfounded and had more to do with part of the fandom being unwilling to say goodbye to Snyderverse.

The suit was most often called out for being a downgrade when compared to the suit Cavill wore. Fans often point out that it doesn’t look like advanced civilization made it.

It’s important to note however that in most Superman stories his suit was made by Martha Kent, who used fabric he was found with to craft the suit.

Then there are also comparisons to lower-budget projects, such as ‘Superman & Lois,’ a CW show that got canned after 4 seasons due to Gunn allegedly not wanting to have competing Superman on the scene.

I’m not sure why this is supposed to be insulting, considering that Tyler Hoechlin’s suit is really good (in my opinion). Then there’s also praises.

And it’s true everything from the pose to the suit humanizes, Superman, bringing him closer to viewers.

The new suit has obvious New 52 & Kingdom Come influences. A while back Gunn cleared up that his primary inspiration for the suit’s look will be Alex Ross’ art, something mostly obvious in the logo. That logo, when it was revealed a few months ago stirred the most drama due to not exactly looking like a straightforward “S.”

What do you think about the suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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