Fan Theory Points to the Identity of The Master, and It’s the Most Controversial Option


Disney’s new Star Wars project, ‘The Acolyte,’ made its long-awaited debut on Disney+ on June 4, 2024, with two episodes. Despite stirring up controversies and facing review bombing, the series remains one of the most discussed shows currently airing. Critics generally find promise in its bold approach, while fans are divided—some enjoy it while others strongly dislike it, particularly due to what they perceive as “woke” content, which is debatable. Regardless of this controversy, the series is undeniably daring in its narrative and introduces numerous fresh concepts and characters.

One such character is The Master, an enigmatic Sith Lord of considerable power and the mentor of Mae-ho Aniseya, a central figure in the series. While much about The Master remains shrouded in mystery, an intriguing fan theory suggests that the show may have already unveiled his true identity. If proven true, this revelation could signal a controversial choice by the showrunners—one that fans might not embrace.

As previously mentioned, The Master is a significant mystery newly introduced in ‘The Acolyte.’ Early indications from the series suggest he could potentially rank among the strongest characters in the canon, but this remains unconfirmed. A more objective assessment may reveal he doesn’t quite reach those heights, pending further development. Undeniably powerful, his trajectory—whether he’ll fulfill expectations or fade into obscurity—remains uncertain, contingent on future character evolution.

However, what truly captivates is The Master’s identity, set to be a pivotal focus of ‘The Acolyte.’ All narratives lead towards this pivotal revelation, as fans eagerly anticipate uncovering his backstory and its connection to the larger Star Wars universe.

The series has not yet disclosed such information, but a prevailing theory suggests that The Master’s true identity has already been revealed—pointing to none other than Qimir. Qimir, a seemingly insignificant side character and villainous lackey, has surprising insights into The Master’s operations. He frequently reminds Mae of The Master’s teachings, suggesting a deeper connection. While initially appearing clumsy and inconsequential in Mae’s presence, Qimir has exhibited a darker and more sinister demeanor in the presence of Mae’s twin sister.

Qimir seems like an obvious choice, which ironically makes him a suspect many would suspect. If the show reveals him as The Master, it would be a disappointment, as the mystery would lack intrigue. Therefore, we’re hoping The Acolyte takes a different direction.

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