Fans Are Losing Their Minds Over Acolyte’s “Hot Jedi”: “Yord Is Really for the Girls and the Gays”

Yord in the acolyte

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ had its two-episode premiere this week. The reactions have been mixed, mostly due to the critics praising the show and fans blasting it both on review aggregator sites and social media.

Despite a somewhat lukewarm story and impressive action scenes, the premiere gave rise to one viral character, but not due to his impressive Jedi skills.

Jedi Knight Yord played by Charlie Barnett has one shirtless scene in the show, during which Padawan Jecki Lon and Jedi Master Sol walk in on him changing into his Jedi robes. Barnett displays his impressive physique and it took exactly no time for the fans to start swooning over him.

The dedicated followers of Yord are now calling themselves “The Yord Horde” on social media and the viral phenomenon has given rise to numerous memes.

Someone should pull up some numbers on how many times this specific scene was played. No matter what happens with Yord’s character in the future episodes of ‘The Acolyte,’ Charlie Barnett’s Jedi has cemented his status in the fandom, he truly is Princess Leia in a metal bikini of our generation.

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