Fans Rank the 10 Most Hated ‘Star Wars’ Villains, and the Results Are Shocking!


Ranker, a popular platform where users can rank topics freely and independently, recently conducted a significant survey aiming to identify the most despised Star Wars villains of all time. While the list encompasses nearly 100 characters, we’ve focused on the top ten most reviled villains based on the community’s rankings. Our report combines these rankings with our own insights and commentary to provide a comprehensive overview of the results.

Given the significance of this list, we’re excited to present the top 10 characters, starting from 10th place and leading up to the first place. Stay tuned for our detailed analysis!

10. Grand Admiral Thrawn

While Thrawn recently appeared in live-action in Ahsoka, he has long been a pivotal figure in Star Wars lore. His presence in TV series and books has solidified him as one of the franchise’s most infamous villains. Renowned for his well-crafted development, Thrawn stands out as one of the best-written characters across the entire saga. It’s gratifying to see fans recognize his greatness by including him on this list of top Star Wars villains.

9. Boba Fett

The bounty hunter from the Original Trilogy stands as one of the franchise’s most iconic villains. The Prequel Trilogy delved into his origins, transforming a character with minimal backstory into a notorious figure with clear motivations. Boba Fett found redemption in his own series, earning his place on this list despite being the least villainous among them. In truth, he wasn’t much of a villain to begin with.

8. Jabba the Hutt

Is there any redeeming quality to this grotesque figure? Likely not. Jabba, while undeniably intriguing, embodies a repulsive villainy that warrants his inclusion on this list, despite fierce competition. His visage alone evokes disgust, justifying his rightful place among the most despised villains. In this regard, we fully align with the fans’ verdict on Jabba the Hutt. Yuck!

7. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren straddles the line between villainy and complexity, having committed heinous acts during his time on the Dark Side. Responsible for Luke Skywalker’s demise and the tragic end of Han Solo during a pivotal moment of potential reconciliation, Kylo Ren’s actions earned him the ire of fans. Despite this, he remains a compelling character, skillfully written with a redemption arc that ultimately redeemed his character. Kylo Ren’s journey is a standout in the Sequel Trilogy, deserving recognition for its complexity and evolution.

6. Count Dooku

In the movies alone, this character didn’t do much wrong. He engaged in combat with Yoda and was defeated, failed to eliminate Anakin and Obi-Wan, and ultimately became a pawn for Palpatine’s schemes. Dooku’s idealism, in its truest sense, was evident throughout his actions. It’s unfortunate that the films didn’t delve deeper into Dooku’s character, as he remains a remarkably crafted figure. Despite his limited portrayal, he stands as one of the franchise’s most memorable villains, and we concur with his inclusion on this list.

5. General Grievous

Ah, the renowned General Grievous, the cyborg/android—or whatever you want to classify him as—was once instructed in the Jedi ways by Dooku. He proved to be a formidable adversary and a genuinely malevolent entity, particularly evident through his actions during the Clone Wars. While his portrayal in the television series overshadowed his role in the movies, he remains one of the standout villains of the franchise and a highlight of the Prequel Trilogy. In terms of his evolution and design, we wholeheartedly endorse his placement on this list.

4. Grand Moff Tarkin

Grand Moff Tarkin

Tarkin, primarily an administrator, though not without direct impact—admittedly, he did oversee the destruction of a planet or two, but in today’s galaxy, who hasn’t?—remained overshadowed by Vader and the Emperor. Despite this, Tarkin’s legacy remains formidable, continuing to evoke fear and respect among fans. His unwavering loyalty and calculated ruthlessness make him a character worthy of such recognition on this list. We commend the fans for rightfully placing him among the top villains of the franchise.

3. Darth Maul

Darth Maul

Darth Maul ranking third? Totally understandable. He struck down Qui-Gon Jinn, a beloved Jedi, which is reason enough for disdain. Beyond that, Maul’s enduring legacy in the Expanded Universe surpasses his current canonical presence. While not a traditional villain, Maul’s malevolence and danger solidify his place on this list without question.

2. Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader

Vader holds the title of the second greatest villain in the series, despite his eventual redemption arc blurring the lines of his villainous status. His dark deeds, including those beyond the films in the Expanded Universe, provide ample reason for animosity. Yet, Vader’s pivotal role and undeniable impact on the franchise cement him as one of its most formidable villains.

1. Palpatine / The Emperor / Darth Sidious

And the top spot goes to none other than Palpatine! Undoubtedly the franchise’s ultimate villain, Palpatine’s actions have made him the most despised character among fans—though not solely due to his “somehow survived” line. His mastery of manipulation and his pivotal role in shaping the galaxy’s fate solidify him as the series’ most formidable antagonist, rightfully earning him this top ranking.

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