Finn Jones Teases His Return to an Iconic Role

finn jones returns as iron fist

Much has been talked about in recent times regarding Iron Fist, especially now that Netflix’s Defenders saga has been made canon with the release of ‘Echo.’ There’s been talk of including Iron Fist in ‘Shang-Chi 2’ which is currently in development, but there are also rumors going around that the new ‘Iron Fist’ installment within the MCU will be a female-led solo project.

No matter whether you believe those rumors or not, something is definitely taking place since Finn Jones himself seemingly teased his return to the role via Instagram story.

Finn Jones Iron Fist

Jones posted a photo of Power Man and Iron Fist comics, and fans, especially fans of the original show couldn’t be more excited by what the future brings.

‘Iron Fist’ ran for two seasons on Netflix back when Disney wasn’t interested in expanding MCU lore with TV shows. ‘Iron Fist’ debuted its first season with 13 episodes on March 17, 2017, despite negative critic reviews it built quite a solid fanbase, with plenty of fans attaching to Jones as the lead.

Netflix canceled the series on October 12, 2018, despite Marvel’s desire to continue it on the platform. Marvel assured that the characters would persist in the MCU. There were discussions of potentially reviving the series on Disney+, but contractual obligations prevented the characters from appearing in non-Netflix projects for at least two years.

However, there were hints of interest in reviving the series on Disney+ or Hulu. The showrunners had plans for a third season, envisioning a storyline involving Rand and Meachum traveling together, with Rand fully embracing his role as Iron Fist. Henwick expressed interest in reprising her role as Wing in future MCU projects.

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