Gambit: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Remy Etienne Lebeau

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #266 (August, 1990)

Powers: Master thief.  Can charge objects with kinetic energy and when thrown, explode on impact. Irresistible hypnotic charm.

Affiliation: X-Men, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Marauders, and Thieves Guild

Enemies: Mr. Sinister, Marauders, Channing Tatum

Love Interests: Bella Donna Boudreaux, Rogue

Did You Know: Gambit was my favorite hero growing up.

A Little History

Because of his glowing red eyes, Remy Lebeau was abandoned at childbirth. As a consequence, he was forced to grow up in a gang of street thieves. A short while later, an accident left Remy bed-ridden and in the hospital. While there, he was kidnapped by a member of one of the local guilds. This happened because the member mistook Gambit for “le diable blanc” or the White Devil, or the one meant to bring peace to two rival guilds (Assassin and Thieves).

Remy attempted to pickpocket a member of the Thieves Guild but he was caught. Instead of being tormented and beaten the member adopted him into his own family. 

As part of a peace pact between the Assassin’s Guild and the Thieves Guild, Remy was to marry the daughter of the opposing guild, Bella Donna Boudreaux. Immediately, Bella’s brother objected and challenged Gambit to a duel. Quickly and easily, Gambit dispatched her brother but unfortunately, as a result of the battle, the brother lost his life. 

Remy was quickly exiled out of New Orleans.

Remy’s powers are often difficult to control but over time, he would learn a small degree of control over them. Eventually, however, his powers became too much and he could not handle them anymore.

Understanding this, he sought out a man known for his knowledge about genetics and mutation, Mr. Sinister. He quickly resolved that the only way to help was to remove a portion of the brain responsible for power control.

This, of course, led to Gambit’s involvement in the Mutant Massacre storyline. 

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