George Lucas Fires Back at the Critics of Prequel Trilogy: “It Is a Kids’ Movie”

george lucas

It’s no secret that the critical reception of the prequel Star Wars trilogy has been mixed and over time, has significantly evolved. While the prequel trilogy faced significant criticism, it has undergone a reevaluation over the years.

Many fans who grew up with the prequels have developed a nostalgic appreciation for them, and aspects of the films, such as their complex political themes and world-building, have been praised in retrospect.

Now George Lucas himself speaking at the Cannes Film Festival fired back at the critics explaining that the movies were never bad it’s just that the fans weren’t interested in a kids’ movie. George Lucas attributed the negative response to critics and fans who had been 10 years old when they first saw the original films. As adults, they no longer wanted to watch movies aimed at children, which contributed to their disappointment with the prequels.

It is a kids’ movie. It’s always been a kids’ movie.

George Lucas was pretty critical of fans who called him out for a lack of diversity in the films explaining that there are plenty of aliens and plenty of strong female characters. Citing Princess Leia as one of the cornerstone characters of the franchise.

I do not agree with Lucas that Star Wars is a kids’ movie, it’s definitely far too complex for that and some of his statements came off as conflicting, but he is the creator after all. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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