The 10 Greatest Spider-Man Suits in His Long History (Ranked)

Top 10 Greatest Spider Man Suits in His Long History

Of all the characters in comics, and there are a lot, very few have a suit as iconic as Spider-Man’s. Think about it, he’s basically been in the same red, blue, black, and white suit since the day Steve Ditko first put him to paper. Every now and then, however, something has happened in the Spider-Universe that’s called for a new suit. This list takes a long and hard look at those new suits. 

Each suit has appeared, even if for a brief moment in his long history, and Spider-Man is better and more stylish for it. Some have been picked for purely aesthetic purposes, while others because they represent a Cosmic shift in the character. No matter their reason for creation, you can rest easy knowing that they are awesome. Anyway, here are the best Spider-Man suits of all time.

10. Big Time Stealth Suit

BIg Time Stealth Spider-Man

First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #650, the Big Time Stealth Suit became an instant hit with fans all over the world. Peter Parker at Horizon Labs created the suit after he learned that his regular suit was no match for the Hobgoblin.

So, to even the odds with his semi-famous adversary, he created a suit woven with “anti-harmonic mesh”. The suit allows him to do a few things. First, it allows him to become invisible to most visual and audio means of detection. Second, it cancels out all sonic-based attacks. And third, the suit is both fireproof and self-healing.

9. Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi Spider-Man

Say what you will about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, the classic suit that was created for the trilogy looks awesome. Drawing inspiration from the aforementioned classic suit, the suit uses the traditional blue and red color scheme, but instead of utilizing black lines for the webbing, it uses silver.


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The silver look differentiates the suit from the original just enough that it in itself is original. And then there are the eyes…The mask and its Oakley-type lenses both complete the suit and bring it into the new age.

8. Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir

What makes Spider-Man Noir so different from every other entry on this list is that he’s the only one that incorporates a trench coat into his look. Spider-Man Noir came out at a time when Marvel was re-releasing many of their characters under the Noir brand. Even though the stories were fairly decent, Spider-Man Noir didn’t catch on until 2018s Into The Spider-Verse movie. That version was so well received that a rumor has begun to float that he will get his own movie. And based on the suit alone, rightfully so. 

The suit is all black, which will be a noticeably common theme. Above that, the suit uses flashlight-type goggles and a fedora hat. The design is so spot on that it’s hard to look at the other black suit and think that they are better.

7. Iron Spider

Iron Spider

Whether you like Tony Stark or not, there’s no denying that he makes a really good suit. Taking the color scheme from the Iron Man armor and blending it with the look of the Spider-Man suit is a stroke of brilliance. Not only does the suit have a perfect mix of accents and contrasts, but it also melds and blends the colors seamlessly.


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And then, oh, and then, when his opponents least expect him to, Peter can shoot out spider-type legs from the back… The Iron Spider suit, above most other suits on this list, is both dangerous and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Miles Morales Spider-Man 

Spider Man Into The Spider Verse Easter Eggs

Many readers, myself included, were a little apprehensive when Miles Morales first appeared as Spider-Man. After all, for decades there had only been one Spider-Man and any other attempt had usually been met with anger. Luckily, both the character and the suit were accepted and loved by readers all over the world. 

The suit, unlike Peter’s traditional one, is a combination of bright red and jet black. Anyone who has ever worn red knows that a perfect compliment to it is black. The black makes, for lack of a better description, the red pop like a balloon after getting poked by a pin. 

5. Spider-Gwen


I may be a little biased when it comes to the Spider-Gwen suit. Not only is she my favorite of the women in Peter Parker’s life, but she’s also the one I think he should end up with. My biases aside, there’s no denying how great this suit is. Purple or pink (depending on who’s coloring it), black and white lead to one of the most visually stunning designs in the history of Spider-Man.

No matter what you think of the color, white is always a recipe for success. It’s stark, cold, and cleaner than any color in the universe. And the suit uses a lot of white. It’s no wonder why I see nearly as many Spider-Gwen suits at comic cons as I do Classic Spider-Man ones. 

4. Homecoming/Far From Home

Spider-Man Homecoming

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. Each put a respectable twist on the character that was uniquely their own. If bonded together, the two would’ve made the perfect Spider-Man. Tom Holland is the perfect Spider-Man. He’s witty, and charming has the boyish look the character needs, and conveys everything else that makes Spider-Man, well, Spider-Man. 

His suit in both movies (Homecoming and Far From Home) while different, are very similar. Homecoming sees the suit take on a more traditional look and Far From Home sees him incorporate the black that’s treated him so well over the years. And that’s precisely why I can’t separate them. I don’t believe one to be better than the other but instead a great compliment to each other.

3. Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider

Sure, the Scarlet Spider and the story that accompanied him is one of the most hated stories in Spider-Man’s history. Sure, Ben Reilly is a character that we all want to forget. And sure, the suit came in the era of pockets and pouches. However, none of these can take away from how good this suit is. First of all, it incorporates a hoodie. Second, it uses simple colors. And third, for anyone out there who can draw, it has no annoying spider webs on it. 


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The Scarlet Spider suit is a product of its era. And because I grew up in that era, there’s no denying its spot as one of the greatest Spider-Man suits in comics.

2. Symbiote

Secret Wars

Aside from the classic Spider-Man suit, there isn’t a suit as well-known as the Symbiote Suit. The Symbiote suit first appeared in the Secret Wars storyline. Although Secret Wars was a way to cash on the accompanying toy line, the story was a huge success. Not only did it give the Marvel Universe a ton of firsts, but it also laid the groundwork for Venom.

The Black Symbiote suit caters to the thought that less is more. The suit is a simple black design with a giant white spider on the front. Due to its simplicity, it’s one of the most instantly recognized suits in all comics.

1. Classic

spider man

There’s a saying that goes something like this…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And in truth, that’s how I feel about the classic suit. 

The original Spider-Man suit is perfect. Not only did Steve Ditko create a suit that’s both simple and complicated at the same time, but he also created one of the most iconic suits in comics. The classic suit is so perfect that every suit created after it always references the original in one way or another. And that’s it.

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