Counted: The 10 Greatest X-Men Marvel Origins Ever Told On Paper

X-Men Marvel Origins

At their highest point, there were over 1,000,000 mutants. With 1,000,000 mutants comes 1,000,000 origin stories. With 1,000,000 origin stories comes some great ones and some not-so-great ones. Although we could talk about the not-so-great ones (and we probably eventually will), for the purpose of this countdown, we are only going to talk about the great ones.

Understand that a great one isn’t necessarily defined by the happenings of the story. Instead, it can be defined by the importance of the character involved. The characters on this countdown have made this list for one of, or both of the above reasons. 

Here are The Top 10 Greatest X-Men Marvel Origins In The History of Mutantkind.

10. Colossus


Piotr Rasputin grew up spending most of his time painting. He is the brother of Illyana Rasputin (Magik) and Mikhail Rasputin, a famed Soviet Cosmonaut. Like most other mutants, his mutation occurred in his teenage years. After it happened, he was able to transform himself into an organic steel-type substance. In addition, his transformation also gave him super strength and durability.

Initially, he used his to help his family work the farm. However, when Professor Charles Xavier came calling, Piotr wound up using his powers for more than just farming.

He learned that the original X-Men had been captured and held on the island of Krakoa. After accepting Xavier’s invitation to join his X-Men, the two left Russia and made their way back to New York. Upon landing in New York, he, now Colossus, alongside StormWolverine, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Banshee, and Nightcrawler left for Krakoa and successfully freed the original team.

9. Jean Grey

History of Jean Grey

Initially, Jean didn’t understand how Charles Xavier had convinced her parents to enroll her in his school. To bring her clarity, Xavier revealed that he was a mutant and could control the minds of others. Seeing that she had tremendous potential and an even greater amount of power, he identified her as a perfect fit for his school.

He went on to explain that she was to become a member of his newly formed team, the X-Men. After meeting the other students and learning that each had a codename, she decided that she too should have one. From that moment forward she was known as Marvel Girl.

Xavier then told his X-Men of their first mission…to fight the evil Magneto and his mutants. This mission proved Jean’s worth to the team as it was her and her telekinesis who stopped Magneto.

8. Beast


Hank’s father, Norton worked at a nuclear power plant. As a by-product of working at a power plant, Norton was exposed to a tremendous amount of radiation. The exposure affected him on a genetic level. This was so much that when his wife became pregnant, his genes caused their son to be born with large hands and feet. 

As he aged, Hank developed superior agility, reflexes, and strength compared to that of his classmates. To hide his physical differences, he became a football player. This, however, didn’t last long. Upon becoming caught, he was expelled from school.

Charles Xavier witnessed what had happened and offered Hank a spot in both his School for the Gifted and on his forming X-Men team. Before he could make a decision, however, a costumed villain known as El Conquistador arrived and took his parents hostage. With the help of Xavier, Hank was able to stop El Conquistador, thereby saving his parents. Now free to make a decision, he accepted both of Xavier’s offers and took on the moniker of Beast.

At 21, Beast took a leave from Xavier’s school to live out his dream of becoming a scientist. While working towards this he developed a serum that allowed any who take it to temporarily develop mutant-like powers. Unfortunately, after using the serum on himself, he doesn’t reverse its effects quickly enough and soon grows Grey hair all over his body. 

7. Angel


Warren Worthington III was born into a very wealthy family. Even though he grew up with everything that he could possibly want, Warren continuously worried his parents with his adventurous demeanor and risk-seeking attitude.

As a way to teach their son discipline, his parents sent him to a boarding school. While there, the young Warren exceeded any and all expectations placed in front of him. He also began noticing that his body was mutating in the form of wings from his shoulders.

During one night at school, a fire broke out tapping Warren and some classmates inside the building. He was able to escape because of his wings and realized that he should help others do the same. Fearful of being outed as a mutant, he pieced together a costume and flew back inside. 

Warren learned that he liked the feeling that came with being a costumed hero. Professor Xavier heard of his story and sent Cyclops and Iceman to recruit him to the X-Men. Initially, he resisted the two, even so far as to fight with both. Eventually, Professor X was able to convince him to join his team and Angel became one of the original members. 

Angel isn’t here because he’s overly important. 


Angel has one of the greatest X-Men Marvel origins because he proves that even those most egocentric people can change their ways.

6. Cyclops


Scott is the son of the wealthy Christopher (Corsair) and Katherine Summers. While riding in their private plane, Scott, Christopher, Katherine, and his brother, Alex was attacked by a Shi’ar Starship. So that her children would not be harmed, Katherine put a backpack containing a parachute around Scott, attached his brother Alex to it, and tossed them both out of the plane.

The two of them crash-landed on the ground leaving Scott in a year-long coma. The coma left Scott unable to control his mutation.

Like most mutants, Scott’s powers emerged in his teenage years when he unintentionally shot a crane high above a building. The blast caused the crane to drop what it was carrying. The falling debris could’ve killed some nearby bystanders. Luckily, Scott acted quickly and shot another blast to destroy the debris.

Seeing what he had done, Scott ran from the scene and joined up with a criminal only known as the Living Diamond. Lucky for him, Professor X heard about the event and rescued him.

Scott Summers is the longest-serving leader in X-Men history. Without his leadership, many X-Men Marvel origins never come to be.

5. Iceman

Origin of Iceman

While on a date with a girl named Judy Harmon, the school’s bully, Rocky Beasely presented himself. Rather than simply mocking Bobby or causing teenage mischief, Rocky sought to interrupt the date and attempt to steal Judy away from Bobby. Understanding that Judy was in no position to protect herself, Bobby stood up to the bully. Little did he know, but at this exact moment, his powers manifested. In an effort to stop Rocky, Bobby pointed his hand in Rocky’s direction. As this happened, ice shot out and Rocky was covered under a giant piece of ice.

After the event, the townspeople caught wind of what happened. Fearful and angry over what they heard, they formed a mob and marched on Bobby. Without choice and for his protection, the local sheriff arrested Bobby and placed him in jail. No sooner did Bobby land in jail did the wall of his jail cell explode. Once the dust off the explosion settled, Scott Summers stood in front of the teenager and asked that he come with him. After a small scuffle between the two, Professor X arrived and convinced the teenager to join his X-Men. 

As one of the very few Omega Level mutants in existence, Iceman should be on this X-Men Marvel origins list and every other one like it.

4. Storm

Marvel Comics Storm Origin

As a baby, she and her parents moved from Harlem to Egypt. Shortly after their move, both her parents died when a shot-down jet crashed into their home. Storm survived the crash but was trapped under the rubble of her house alongside the bodies of her dead parents.

At the age of 12, she left Egypt and headed for the Sahara Desert. She made the 2000 mile trek on foot and eventually settled into a lush, tropical paradise. Because her mutation allowed her to control the weather, she was easily able to take the guise of a Goddess.

Referred to as Ororo, or Great Goddess of the Storm, the locals often visited her begging for help. They asked that she would bring an end to the droughts so that their crops could grow. 

In one particular instance, after summoning the rain, she returned to the land only to find Charles Xavier waiting for her. He had come to witness her power and to ask her for help. To convince her, he told her that although she had everything a person could want, she was destined for great things. Realizing the sincerity in his voice, she accepted his request and took on the name, Storm.

As one of the most influential X-Men ever, Storm was a lock to make this list of X-Men Marvel origins.

3. Nightcrawler


Kurt Wagner was born to the mutants Mystique and Azazel.

During his delivery, Mystique lost control of her powers and showed the world that she was a shape-shifter. To make matters worse, contrary to most mutants, when Kurt was born he had blazing eyes, blue fur, and a prehensile tail. The humans who lived in their village took note of this and chased them from their homes.

Fearing what would happen to her son, she placed him in a basket and sent him floating down the river. Luckily, a fortune-teller named Margali Szardos found and took him in. Because of his prehensile tail and unusually acrobatic traits, Kurt quickly became the star of the circus that his new family was a part of. As time passed, Kurt’s appeal to the circus began to fade. Rather than watching him be sold to the highest bidder, Maragli helped him escape.

While escaping Kurt inadvertently knocked over a nearby torch. The downed torch caused the circus to catch fire. Knowing that his men had no chance of catching Kurt, the owner of the circus shot a bullet from a gun at him. It was at this moment that his ability manifested and he teleported away.

Kurt reappeared beside a nearby church. He was offered a home at the church. As payment for its generosity, he offered his labor to the church. The circus owner learned of Kurt’s whereabouts and staged an attack. This time Kurt, who now had a full understanding of his powers, was easily able to subdue the owner and all of his men. Shortly after this, Professor Xavier appeared and offered him a spot alongside his X-Men. 

Nightcrawler reminds us that even though we are all different, none of us should be treated differently. Of the many X-Men Marvel origins, his is one of the best.

2. Magik


Shortly after arriving in New York, Illyana was called by the Demon Belasco to the Limbo Dimension. He brought her to the Limbo Dimension because he aimed to free the Elder Gods from their entrapment. The only way to do this was to fill the Beatrix Medallion with five bloodstones. The only way to acquire bloodstones was to corrupt the mind and body of another. In theory, because Illyana was so young she should’ve been easily corrupted. This, however, wasn’t the case.

Also living in the Limbo dimension were alternate versions of the X-Men Shadowcat and Storm. This version of Storm, like the Earth-616 version, aimed to do good in the world. When she had the opportunity to befriend, rescue, and teach Illyana how to do good with magic, she did. Unlike Storm, this version of Kitty Pryde didn’t believe in magic. Instead, she believed in hand-to-hand combat and taught Illyana how to fight.

Eventually, Illyana returned to Belasco. She knew that in order to free herself from his control she would have to become more powerful than he was. Under him, she became immensely powerful. When he could teach no more, she began plotting her escape.

Around the same time that Belasco had drawn the third Bloodstone from Illyana, she called upon the Soulsword. With the Soulsword and her knowledge of Black Magic, she easily defeated Belasco and banished him from the Limbo Dimension. With him gone she assumed rule over the Dimension and returned to Earth. 

As one of the most complex origins ever, Magik easily makes this list of greatest X-Men Marvel origins.

1. Professor X

Professor X

Brian, the father of Charles Xavier was accidentally killed in New Mexico at the site of a nuclear bomb test. At his funeral, Sharon, his mother, was consoled by Brian’s colleague Kurt Marko. After a few short months, the two married, and Kurt moved into the Xavier Mansion. Charles, whose mutation had already manifested correctly realized that Kurt wanted Sharon’s power, wealth, and prestige.

Not too long after the arrival of Cain (Kurt’s son), Sharon died leaving Charles to live with Kurt and Cain.

A short time after his mother’s death, Charles overheard a conversation between Kurt and Cain. The conversation revealed that it was Kurt who caused the explosion that resulted in Brian’s death. Troubled, Charles confronted and accused the Marko’s of wrongdoing. This resulted in A) Kurt threatening Charles and B) Cain throwing some test tubes at him. After being thrown, the test tubes ignited, and exploded, and killed Kurt.

Not long after Kurt’s death, Charles began finding more mutants like him.

While traveling the Himalayas, Charles came to understand that the residents were under the control of a being known as Lucifer. With his mutant power, he convinced the residents to storm the palace and fight for their freedom. With the people free, Charles confronted Lucifer. What he didn’t realize was that Lucifer had set a trap. When Charles walked in, the trap was sprung and a block came down crushing his legs and leaving him paralyzed. 

He returned to New York and founded a school for all mutants to learn to use their powers for the betterment of society. 

Charles Xavier is the reason the X-Men exist. Without him, any and all X-Men Marvel origins even happen.

And that’s it. The Top 10 Greatest X-Men Marvel Origins In The History of Mutantkind. Agree? Disagree? Who would make your greatest X-Men Marvel origins ever written?

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