Have You Already Called Cryptic Jubilee Number? Here’s What It Means

Jubilee phone number

Following the release of the first part of ‘X-Men ’97’ three-part finale, Marvel Studios posted a cryptic image featuring Jubilee’s pink cellphone and a phone number. While it may seem like a typical teaser image, there’s an X-Men Easter Egg hidden within.

While the number is not available to everyone, most users stationed within the USA (and Mexico, Canada, and other neighboring countries as far as we could confirm) were able to call it and verify what it means.

Fans who dial Jubilee’s phone number, 914-361-5397, will hear a pre-recorded message from the hero, inviting them to hang out at the X-Mansion in May. Jubilee rushes off, implying she’s heading for another mission. Marvel Studios provided no further context, leaving the interpretation of Jubilee’s message open to speculation.

Hey! It’s Jubilee. I’m so stoked you got my number. Guess what? This May, we’re welcoming mutants like you to the X-Mansion. For real! Come hang out and see where the X-Men crash after fighting major baddies. Sounds rad, huh? So keep your pagers on for the 411. Gotta jet, the world doesn’t save itself, y’know?

Airbnb has introduced an X-Men-Themed house in Westchester County, NY, resembling the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning from X-Men ’97. It features rooms like Beast’s lab, the War Room with Cerebro, and the Danger Room. The house accommodates eight guests with four bedrooms, five beds, and 2.5 bathrooms. Reservations are open until May 13.

It’s likely that mansion and the reservations will be connected to the finale of the show in some way, since it corresponds to the release date of the final episode.

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