Hayden Christensen Offered Advice To Kelly Marie Tran…and It’s Perfect

Hayden Christensen Offered Advice To Kelly Marie Tran

It’s no secret that I love Star Wars. I love everything about it. The originals, the sequels, the animated shows, the prequels, and everything not mentioned here.

Star Wars is something that my son and I can enjoy together and you know what, it is. Each morning he wakes asking for it and each night he grumbles when we turn it off so he can go to bed.

The Star Wars Universe is filled with passion, love, admiration, and imagination. I suppose those, more than any other reason, is why it’s fan base is so loyal. Through the good times and bad, Star Wars always tries to do what’s best for its fans. Sometimes, however, try as they may, some choose to send hate where hate isn’t needed.

Star Wars, for reasons that I can only speculate on, is filled with crazed fans who don’t know where to draw the line. With the rise of social media, those who would normally refrain from speaking up, are able to speak up without recourse.

Take Kelly Marie Tran as an example.

Hayden Christensen offered advice to Kelly Marie Tran

The Last Jedi received more backlash than Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace…combined. The director, Rian Johnson, was ripped apart worse than a kite in a tornado. Memes were made of the now infamous Kylo Ren shirtless scene. And worst of all, Kelly Marie Tran received enough hate mail, social media abuse, and every other form of verbal abuse to fill two lifetimes.

In fact, she quit parts of social media because of it.

It’s disgusting

At the end of the day, no matter how good, bad, or somewhere in between a performance is, it is only that…a performance. These are people, good people, hired to do a job to the best of their abilities.

No one knows this better than Anakin Skywalker himself, Hayden Christensen. To say that he received fair treatment after his portrayal of the Dark Lord is an overstatement. Not only did those whom he gave his life for, berate him, they practically saw to it to ruin his livelihood.

That’s why, when he, along with many other Star Wars alumni came to the defence of Kelly Marie Tran my face lit up brighter than a Christmas tree.

Hayden Christensen offered advice

He told ET Canada, “Don’t take it too seriously,” and continued by explaining that trolls are, “Unfortunately the ones that make the most noise.”

And that’s what makes Star Wars so special. The galaxy far, far away is as much a family as mine is. Just as I look out for my wife and kids, Star Wars looks out for its own.

Hayden Christensen, Mark Hamill, and so many more came to the console Tran because, well, they too are human beings. Human beings who see no value in online abuse. 

Just as Hayden Christensen offered advice to Tran, I will offer you some advice…

At the end of the day, Star Wars is just an imaginative place that allows its viewers a chance to escape their realities, even if for a moment. It isn’t real and it won’t ever be.

Star Wars isn’t yours and it isn’t mine. Star Wars belongs to all of us. If we want to keep it that way, let’s let the actors, directors, producers, and all else involved do their jobs without fear of backlash. Then, and only then, can we do ours…which is, of course, to watch and enjoy it.

Remember this, there will be a time where Star Wars will cease to exist.

As Christensen said, “Don’t take it too seriously” and he’s right. Star Wars will be better for it if you do.



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