Living Up To Massive Promises and Expectations, Hellboy Is Rated R

Neil Marshall's Hellboy is Rated R

To the surprise of no one, the upcoming Hellboy reboot has been given an MPAA rating of Restricted. The governing agency has cited the movie as having overt violence, gore, and foul language. So yes, Hellboy is Rated R. This announcement means that the promise of a darker and more adult-oriented film by the cast has been proven true. This also means, in case you’re wondering, that the movie is living up to the Legendary AF tag line it was given.

Or is it?

You may remember that director, Neil Marshall promised the movie would be a dramatic departure from the Ron Perlman-led movies from over a decade ago. After the first trailer dropped two months ago, fans saw what he was talking about. 

Set to Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony”, the trailer does everything a trailer needs to do. It introduces the characters, shows glimpses of the plot, introduces the villain, and ends with a bang. The issue is that it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. It looks like it’s trying to do what Guardians of the Galaxy successfully did years ago. However, it doesn’t seem to work. It comes across as goofy. And for a movie with an R Rating for excessive blood, gore, and violence, goofy may not cut it.

But I hope it does.

Hellboy is no stranger to violence and gore. The comic book version of the character has been known for removing limbs and over the top violence. Hellboy is the Beast of the Apocalypse. He wields a power most dream of and his right hand is capable of massive destruction. The Hand can, if used properly, unlock the Primordial Demon Dragon.

Hellboy is set to hit theatres later this year on April 12.



Images © Mike Mignola

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