Here’s Who Could Replace Jonathan Majors as Kang

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A few weeks ago, news broke out about Jonathan Majors being arrested on several misdemeanor, assault, and harassment charges in New York. While nothing was proven, and Majors’ legal team is confident they’ll prove the actor did nothing wrong and was, in fact, the victim in the incident, it had already put an in Jonathan’s reputation and career.

For instance, the US Army immediately pulled ads featuring Jonathan Majors out of circulation, stating that they believed he was ‘innocent until proven guilty’ but that they were ‘deeply concerned by the allegations,’ so they pulled the ads until the investigation was complete.

Naturally, fans started to wonder if Majors’ role as Kang the Conqueror was in jeopardy as well. While nothing has been said nor confirmed, rumors are swirling around the web that Disney and Marvel Studios already have a name they’re considering, should *beep* hit the fan, and Jonathan Majors be proven guilty. Here’s what’s going on.

Could Jonathan Majors be replaced as Kang in the MCU?

Until a thorough investigation is completed, Jonathan Majors should, in my opinion, have the benefit of the doubt and be considered innocent until he’s proven guilty. However, allegations about the incident are serious, so if it’s proven that he is, in fact, guilty of what he’s being charged with, there’s no doubt that Marvel Studios and Disney will replace Majors in the MCU.

As a matter of fact, it seems that they are already preparing themselves for such a scenario. According to Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic podcast, Disney is looking into actors like Damson Idris as a potential replacement for Majors as Kang the Conqueror:

“Although there hasn’t been any movement on the ‘Jonathan Majors’ front, I’ve heard that that’s [Damson Idris] the kind of actor who, if Jonathan Majors got the boot as Kang, they might look at to replace him.”

kang new damson idris
Damson Idris as Franklin Saint in ‘Snowfall’

Now, I want to state clearly that this doesn’t mean Damson Idris is destined to be the new Kang and that it’s all done for Jonathan Majors. It’s just that, if push comes to shove, Disney is already looking into new faces to replace Majors as Kang, and they like the type of actor and person that is Damson Idris.


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Who is Damson Idris?

For those who don’t know, Damson Idris is a young, talented British-Nigerian actor whose biggest role so far came in the FX show, Snowfall, where he embodied the lead character, Franklin Saint. The show has excellent reviews over six seasons of action, and Damson really made a name for himself in the role of Franklin.

Most recently, I saw Idris in Amazon’s show called Swarm, where he portrayed Khalid, but he appeared only in one episode.

kang new damson idris swarm
Damson Idris as Khalid in ‘Swarm’

Damson also appeared in an episode of Netflix’s hit show Black Mirror, as well as Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone reboot. Some folks might recognize him as Agent Denys from the 2018 Liam Neeson-led movie, The Commuter.

In any case, Damson Idris is a young, talented actor, but in my humble opinion, I don’t think he’d be the right choice to be Kang the Conqueror should the situation escalate with Jonathan Majors.

I believe Majors is a perfect casting choice, as he has the right amount of likability, fierceness, and maturity to portray someone who’s ‘seen it all.’ To me, Idris kind of seems too young for the role – too ‘green,’ if you will, but maybe that’s just me.

I guess we won’t know for sure what will happen until the Majors situation is resolved. Jonathan is set to appear in court in May, and the outcome will determine if he’ll remain Kang the Conqueror, or if he’ll be replaced by Damson Idris, or somebody completely different.

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