Here’s Why Miles Morales Is Called “Spin”

Here’s Why Miles Morales Is Called “Spin”

When it comes to superhero names, comic book publishers were always creative. There were some extremely interesting names, but the ones that mattered got remembered. In the case of Spider-Man, there was only one version of Web-Slinger in Marvel Comics until 2011, when the special Ultimate series was released. Marvel introduced Miles Morales to the world, a Brooklyn native teenager from Earth-1610. Miles Morales earned the moniker Spider-Man tenfold, but one show decided to address his character with a different name – Spin. In this article, we will discuss why Miles Morales is called “Spin.”

Miles Morales is called “Spin” in the Disney+ children’s show Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends. The show follows the adventures of three “web-slingers” – Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales/Spin. We know that Miles Morales has earned the name Spider-Man numerous times, but the show’s first episode established that two superheroes with the name Spider-Man would confuse the children, so the showrunners decided they would call Miles Morales “Spin”. This nickname is also a call back to the old nickname of Peter Parker and his Spider-Man in Marvel Comics.

Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends show gave Miles Morales the moniker, Spin, which confused some parents, and for that, we will try to explain the mythos behind the name and why Disney didn’t name Miles differently. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

What’s the meaning behind the name “Spin”?

As mentioned, nicknames are pretty common in comic book media, especially for ones that have superheroes as their characters. Spider-Man has dozens of them stemming from his first appearance in 1962.

The most notable ones are Amazing Spider-Man, Arachnid, Spidey, Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, Spider, Web-Slinger, and more, but Spin is a nickname that can be traced back all the way to the Silver Age of Comics.

Here’s Why Miles Morales Is Called “Spin”
Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends is a Disney show for children.

Now, Spin can mean many things; I believe it is the short version of another nickname, Web-Spinner. Or, Miles earned that name because he is really acrobatic in the show. This nickname has been part of Spider-Man lore for decades, and Spin seems to return to the mainstream media. Nevertheless, the nickname itself isn’t anything significant, but it might be for Miles Morales.


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Peter Parker has been THE Spider-Man since 1962, and when Miles came in 2011, no one expected that the fans and critics would embrace the new version of Spider-Man. But Miles Morales’ character exceeded expectations and eventually deserved to carry the mantle of the Web-Slinger.

So, why did Disney change the name of the superhero to Spin? Let’s find out.

Why is Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends calling Miles Morales Spin?

First, Miles Morales is still Spider-Man in Marvel Comics, but showrunners decided to change his name in one show for children. Spidey and His Amazing Friends is a cartoon for children that was first released in 2021 on Disney+.

The success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse really kickstarted the popularity of Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen worldwide, and Disney decided to capitalize on the content. In 2021, we got Spidey and His Amazing Friends, a children’s show that follows Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy’s Ghost-Spider, and Miles Morales as Spin.

Here’s Why Miles Morales Is Called “Spin”
In the show Miles Morales is called Spin, so children can easily differentiate between Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

The show follows the Spider trio fight against numerous Marvel villains like Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Rhino. Other superheroes also appear and help the Spider Trio, like Ms. Marvel, Hulk, and Black Panther. As it usually is with shows designated for really young children – all characters in the show are children, which is appealing to younglings worldwide.

Why is Spider-Man called Spin? Because showrunners felt that children from 3-7 won’t know how to differentiate Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The decision is sensible, but some parents who know Miles Morales felt that distinction was unnecessary.


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Moreover, some Spider-Man fans felt that calling Miles Spin is lazy since that particular name was established to be Peter Parker’s. Miles Morales has appeared in other animated shows like Ultimate Spider-Man and Spider-Man, where he is also called Kid Arachnid.

Some fans suggested those names to be in front of Spin since Kid Arachnid is more “Miles Morales,” but children obviously don’t mind since the show will get its third season.

Nevertheless, Miles Morales’s popularity only increased after the Into the Spider-Verse movie, and it shows in these animated shows. Disney recognized this character’s potential, and Miles Morales is more than capable of attracting new audiences. His powers and black Spider-Man suit make Miles cool and appealing, and the new projects will only prolong the said popularity.

Spin is a nickname designated for Peter Parker, and some fans weren’t happy about the decision from Disney, but Miles Morales is a good enough character to make the nickname his own, and frankly, that is the truth in this case.

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