Step Aside Dark Knight, Aquaman Is The Highest Grossing DC Movie

Aquaman Highest Grossing DC Movie

Move over Wonder Woman. Move over Suicide Squad. And move over Dark Knight. Aqauaman is now the highest grossing DC movie of all time. 

The movie, which has fared better overseas than domestically, has now eclipsed $1.09 Billion. The total places it ahead of the $1.08 Billion that the previous record holder, The Dark Knight Rises, hauled in. Don’t worry Batman fans, if inflation is accounted for ($1.187 Billion) The Dark Knight Rises is still Grand Champion for DC. 

But who’s counting inflation?

Aquaman’s total has rode the backs of the international market where it has pulled in an astounding $774 Million. A giant portion of this has surprisingly come from the Chinese market. In China alone, Aquaman has made an impressive $294 Million. 

Domestically, the movie hasn’t been quite as strong as The Dark Knight Rises. Aquaman has hauled in $316 Million whereas The Dark Knight Rises brought $448 Million to DC. 

The Momoa Effect

Jason Momoa has become an international hit with his portrayal of the character, his willingness to interact with fans, and his boyish charm. Countless videos have surfaced showing the actor acting like a boy living out his childhood dream. It’s actually kind of inspiring. Even though when I watch Momoa act I always see the same character, I say good for him. He’s earned it. He went from being typecast as Game of Thrones brute, Khal Drogo to Hollywood’s next “it” action actor.

The success of Aquaman almost ensures that we will see a sequel. Rumour has it James Wan has been asked to come back to direct but is awaiting to see a copy of the final script. Fair enough. DC has been known to put out shitty scripts and movies. If I was the director, I’d want to first see what I’m directing too.

Aquaman is currently in theatres. Even if you don’t like the character, I encourage you to go for the spectacle. The movie has some of the best visual effects in the market. You won’t regret it.



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