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Hope Summers

Hope Summers

Real Name: Hope Summers

First Appearance: X-Men Volume 2 #205 (January, 2008)

Powers: Omega Mutant who possesses Power Mimicry. She can duplicate the powers of any nearby mutant and use those powers to their full potential.

Affiliation: X-Force, X-Men, Extinction Team

Enemies: Magneto, Nimrod, Bishop, Sentinels, and most other X-Men enemies

Love Interests: N/A

Did You Know: Hope is widely considered one of the most powerful mutants in history.

A Little History

The first child born after the House of M’s M-Day, Hope Summers is seen both as a mutant messiah and the bringer of death for all who live.

Hope was born in Cooperstown, Alaska to an unknown father and Louise Spalding. Shortly after her birth, a time-traveling being known as Nimrod tipped off a group called the Purifiers. The Purifiers acted quickly and began an assault on the small town. As total destruction reigned down on Cooperstown. Hope found herself left unscathed.

Cable, who saw her as the savior to all mutant kind, learned of her birth and rescued her from the impending doom she found herself in. Unfortunately, even with the approval of Cable, other mutants such as Bishop believed her to dangerous to the mutant population. He believed that rather than being the savior of mutants, she was destined to be the destroyer of mutants. Her birth, coupled with the belief of a few once again turned the general population against mutants. In fact, the newly born hatred wound up responsible for the timeline in which Bishop lives.

Hope Summers was later kidnapped by Mystique who forced her to touch the unconscious and comatose Rogue. Gambit, concerned with the safety of Rogue, took the baby away. He quickly learned that not only had she awoken Rogue, she had also cured her of the Strain 88 Virus that had plagued her. At this point, it was decided that the best place for the baby was with Cable in his future.

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