How Did Namor Get Into Wakanda in Black Panther 2?

How Did Namor Get Into Wakanda in Black Panther 2

Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever put us right in the middle of the conflict between two powerful nations in the Marvel Universe, Wakanda, an incredibly high-tech and secretive nation, and Talokan, an underwater kingdom inhabited by a powerful race of enhanced humans. Before it eventually came down to an all-out conflict between the two nations, we saw Namor in Wakanda trying to negotiate with Ramonda and Shuri. But how did Namor get into Wakanda? Most importantly, how did Namor manage to remain hidden and evade all defenses?

Namor got into Wakanda through the river. Based on everything we know about Wakanda, it is a landlocked country, but it still has access to rivers. Sneaking through the rivers allowed him to remain undetected and use his natural surroundings – water- to his advantage. Namor is also extremely fast while swimming, which makes traveling far easier and faster than other conventional routes.

Now that we’ve covered that Namor “sneaked” into Wakanda via a river, it’s time to cover the details, as well as explain why any other route would simply prove unviable. If you’re interested, stay with us!

What was Namor doing in Wakanda in the first place?

When Namor discovered a vibranium-detecting device on the ocean floor, it would be an understatement to say that he was angry. Namor was alive long enough to know how his people were treated the last time when the surface world was aware of their existence. Namor needed answers, and he was quick to call violence upon all who threatened the safety of his underwater kingdom. Eventually, Namor discovered that Wakanda had revealed the existence of vibranium to the world, so the scientist that created the device, aka Riri Williams, was theirs to deal with. Namor made his way to Wakanda to negotiate with Princess Shuri and Queen Ramonda, but how did he get there?

How did Namor get into Wakanda?

Based on everything we know about Wakanda it’s a landlocked country with no access to the sea. We know that Namor hails from an underwater oceanic kingdom, so he wouldn’t fare so well traveling across the arid landscape. So how did he get in?

Wakanda map

Namor got into Wakanda through the river, and from there, he made his way to the body of water that can be seen in the scene in which he is discovered by Shuri and Ramonda.

As soon as he gets out of the water, Namor compliments both the air and the waters, which means that he has had quite a journey behind him.
Wakanda uses cloaking technology to hide its existence when seen from the air. But as far as we know, there’s no such technology that shields Wakanda from water threats. There are also no vibranium shields that are capable of extending beneath the surface of the water to bar the entrance for Namor.

He simply used natural water pathways to gain access to the nation. This also allowed him to remain undetected since Wakanda’s radars are most likely not attuned to detect the presence of talokan-mutant hybrids that can move extremely fast underwater (faster than any technology they have at their disposal) and be nearly invisible and silent in the water.

Why didn’t Namor simply fly to Wakanda?

Well, the air is not Namor’s natural environment; the water is. Reaching Wakanda through the air is also infinitely more dangerous and unpractical than simply using water. Namor can fly, yes, but Wakanda is shielded from almost all threats using its powerful and advanced shields. He would have trouble finding the country in the first place, and then penetrating the shields would be altogether a different thing.

The second reason why he didn’t simply fly in through the front gates is the fact that he would have lost the element of surprise. Wakanda monitors its airspace closely through the use of its advanced technologies, especially when they are aware of superhuman threats of all time, they would have picked up on Namor’s presence fairly quickly, and the element of surprise would be lost.


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By sneaking in through the river, Namor proves to Shuri and Ramonda that they are not as hidden as they believe themselves to be. He proved to them that they could be found at any time, at any place, as long as the enemy was resourceful enough, and with Riri’s technology – the enemy WAS resourceful enough. If he can find them, the enemies can find them as well.

And that’s about it. Namor sneaked into Wakanda through water, most likely a river. It was the most efficient way to enter Wakanda without being discovered. It was also the environment where he felt most in control and used his natural advantages to the fullest. He retained the element of surprise as well since there was no way we would be able to get into Wakanda undetected and get so close to the Queen and Princess if he chose the route of flying.

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