How Strong Is Booster Gold? Powers & Abilities Explained

How Strong Is Booster Gold Powers and Abilities

James Gunn and Peter Safran have revealed their plans for the new chapter in the DC Universe, which is titled “Gods and Monsters.” This chapter promises to be an action-packed and thrilling experience, as the filmmakers plan to feature both well-known and lesser-known characters from the DC Comics universe. One of the projects announced was live-action series following a well-known and iconic character from the DC comics called Booster Gold

Booster Gold is not your typical superhero; he relies on luck and knowledge of future events to fight anything that comes his way. We will use this opportunity to tell you all about Booster Gold’s origin, powers, and abilities. If you’re interested in more detail regarding this time traveler, stay with us!

The origin of Booster Gold 

Booster Gold, aka Michael Jon Carter, was created by Dan Jurgens and debuted in Booster Gold #1 in 1986. Booster Gold got his powers from technology from the future. He stole a time machine and a set of advanced technology from the 25th century, including a power suit that gives him super strength, flight, and the ability to generate energy blasts.

Michael Carter was born to a troubled family. His father had many vices, and even though Michael decided not to follow in his footsteps, his mother sickness forced him to start gambling and make friends in all the wrong places. Michael started gambling despite hoping to become a professional football player; he made just enough money to help his mother but was subsequently arrested and thrown in jail. 

Booster Gold

After he left jail, he found a new job as a security guard at Metropolis Space Museum. This gave him access to the superhero history of the world and access to some rudimental time-traveling artifacts. Dazed with the stories of glory, valor, and heroism, Michael decided to steal the artifacts and travel back in time to become a superhero. He stole Rip Hunter’s time machine and advanced suit. He returned to the 20th century and saved the life of President Ronald Reagan. His first public appearance was marked with him mispronouncing his own superhero name, which led him to take on the monicker of “Booster Gold.”


Booster Gold: Bio, Origin & History

Booster Gold’s powers & abilities explained

Booster Gold was originally a washed-up athlete and failed football player from the future. Desperate for fame and fortune, he stole a time machine and traveled back to the 20th century with the intention of becoming the greatest superhero the world had ever seen, and it worked, in a sense. However, despite being a known and capable superhero, Booster doesn’t have any inherent superpowers. Instead, he relies on the technology he stole from his own time. In the next part of our article, we’ll explain in a bit more detail what that entails. 

Booster Gold is most famous for his time-traveling abilities

When he worked as a security guard at Metropolis Space Museum, Booster Gold gained access to a rudimentary time machine that he used to travel back in time. He used his knowledge of future events and his time-traveling technology to his advantage as a superhero. He uses this ability to prevent disasters and save lives, and his unique perspective as a time traveler allows him to approach challenges in innovative and unexpected ways.

Even though time travel is fairly often used when superheroes are concerned, Booster Gold approaches this from a unique angle as he wasn’t inherently born with the power, and neither did he invent the technology to do it. He simply found himself at the right place at the right time and decided to make the best choice given the options he had on his table. The time machine was not the only artifact that he stole. He also stole a power suit and a security robot, Skeets, which further helped him during his exploits. 

Booster Gold has a power suit that gives him super strength 

Booster Gold is not a metahuman by any means. He, however, has some abilities that allow him to perform like one. His power suit, stolen from the 25th century, has uniquely woven fabrics that allow him to exert great strength. Booster Gold is capable of lifting up to 20 tones, possibly more if he pushes himself beyond the limits. His suit also gives him enhanced durability.

Booster Gold Strenght

The advanced technology with which the suit was built allows it to be lightweight but extremely durable. Taking this into account, the power suit acts as Booster’s second skin and protects him from severe trauma. The suit is completely bulletproof. Because Booster Gold doesn’t have enhanced physiology inherently, he feels every trauma dealt to his body. 

Booster Gold can generate energy blasts, force fields, and fly 

Booster’s suit provides him with special nanotech that allows him to generate powerful energy blasts capable of great destruction while leaving Booster Gold unharmed. For a time, he could also travel through time by using his power suit only. He can likewise generate extremely potent force fields able to tank extreme forces and leave Booster out of harm’s way. 

Booster Gold force field

The ability to fly is not inherent either, and Booster Gold can use Legion Flight Ring to levitate and fly at moderate speeds. 

Some other additional tech that Booster uses affords him greatly enhanced vision, hearing, and other senses. His 25th-century up-brining also afforded him access to knowledge that was not available to humans of the 20th century, which likewise gives him quite the advantage when it comes to fights, sciences, and other aspects of everyday life. 

Booster Gold zoom

To summarize, Booster Gold has special powers due to the tech that stole. Without the suit, he is an average human being that possesses human capacities and human abilities.


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When wearing the suit, however, Booster Gold transforms into a true superhero with powers bordering those of meta-humans. He is strong, he has energy-projection abilities, and the extra equipment gives him super-senses that are able to keep track of the rest of the powers granted to him by his suit. 

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