10 Iconic Thor Nicknames You Need to Know About

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Thor is one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes ever and one of the key members of the mighty Avengers. However, he might be the guy with the most ridiculous nicknames, usually used to kind of bring the Asgardian deity to a more human level.

Not all of Thor’s nicknames are ‘mocking,’ though – there are several epic names he had been referred to with. So, without further ado, here are the ten best, most iconic Thor nicknames you absolutely need to know about.

Honorable mention: God of Thunder

I wasn’t so sure about including it on the list, as it’s more of a title or an alias than it is a nickname, but God of Thunder is one of the simplest, most effective, and most iconic nicknames ever given to Thor. It appears in almost every Thor comic and has such a great ring to it.

If we consider the God of Thunder to be a nickname, it would be the most iconic nickname for Thor ever, but I’ll only use it as an honorable mention on this list.

10. Party Prince 

The nickname Party Prince was given to Thor by Thor himself. It appeared in a particular episode of MCU’s What If…? series – namely, the episode What If… Thor Were An Only Child? Here, Thor still has that brash, far-from-humble attitude and is spoiled even more since he grew up as an only child.

He refers to himself as the Party Prince and goes around the galaxy throwing massive cosmic parties, usually leaving chaos behind. There were several more awesome nicknames for Thor in the episode. For instance, Darcy called him Hottie McScottie, Beach-Body Ken, or Old-school Abercrombie Catalog, whereas Loki called him Brother From Another Mother.

9. Sparkles

As hilarious as it is, believe it or not, Sparkles is a nickname that reoccurs for the God of Thunder in several issues and several media. I remember Thor being called Sparkles in Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8, and in Thor: Ragnarok, when Grandmaster calls Thor Sparkles on Sakaar.

Obviously, it’s a mocking nickname referring to Thor’s thunder and lightning abilities, and one that had me laughing out loud. It’s funny how such a mighty character doesn’t get offended when being so openly mocked – it just goes to show what an epic guy Thor is. Sparkles is only the beginning – there are even worse nicknames he has been called over the years.


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8. The Thunderer

Most of Thor’s nicknames revolve around the ‘God of Thunder’ aspect of the character, be it Thunder Father (Avengers Vol. 8 #42), Thunderboy (Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9), or Storm-God (Thor #620.1, Special Point One issue from 2011). However, I found that The Thunderer from Thor Annual #7 just has the best ring to it.

I’ve already made a few of these ‘iconic nicknames’ lists, and it seems as if every character has that one nickname that would be perfect for a boxer or a pro wrestler. The Thunderer would absolutely be perfect for Thor in that scenario, am I right?

7. Goldilocks

Obviously, this is one of those mocking, hilarious nicknames for Thor, and it appeared multiple times in the character’s history. First, I heard it when Hawkeye called Thor Goldilocks in the first Avengers movie. But, I’ve recently re-read some Avengers comics for fun and stumbled upon the same character, giving the same nickname to Thor in The Avengers #66.

I found it so awesome that the MCU writers put that little ‘Easter Egg’ in the movie, with Hawkeye calling Thor Goldilocks – it was funny and worked perfectly due to Thor’s appearance, but it was also a nice homage to the source material.


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6. Point Break

I’m not sure if this particular nickname ever appeared in the comics, but it appeared several times in the MCU. Namely, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, called Thor Point Break, and it made me chuckle every time. It’s not funny at all if you don’t understand the reference, but Tony was actually comparing Thor’s appearance to Patrick Swayze in the movie Point Break.

thor point break

Tony always criticized Peter Parker for his constant pop-cultural references, but it seems to me that he was the one to constantly use them as well. Point Break for Thor, Squidward for the Ebony Maw… am I missing something?

5. Baby Arms

Another epic Thor nickname that came from the MCU is Baby Arms. Despite Thor’s uncanny physique (kudos, Chris Hemsworth), there’s a guy who always claims to be stronger than him – the Hulk. In fact, the big green guy is probably the only guy that has the right to call Thor Baby Arms, as he’s the only guy who has a larger physique than him.

The nickname came in Thor: Ragnarok, when the Hulk and Thor met – and fought – on Sakaar. I loved that movie so much, and I loved their banter between each other. It’s a shame that Thor: Love and Thunder couldn’t keep up with the same level of awesomeness, but maybe we’ll get back to it once Thor returns to the MCU again.

4. Strongest Avenger

Thor is one of the founding members of the Avengers, and there’s constant banter between the Hulk and himself about who the strongest Avenger actually is. Thor has actually given the nickname Strongest Avenger to himself, enjoying watching the Hulk dispute that. Who the real Strongest Avenger is? I’ll leave you to decide.

There have been numerous instances in the comics where Thor was given a nickname based on his status as an Avenger, but my favorite was the golden Avenger from Journey into Mystery #115. It works both because Thor is such a mighty fellow and because of his long, golden hair. Hence, you can take the nickname as an epic/iconic or a mocking one.


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3. Lebowski

So, after Infinity War, we see Thor get fat and grow a huge, dirty beard in Avengers: Endgame. The moment I saw him, I thought to myself – my God, Thor looks like Big Lebowski. Hearing the nickname actually being used in the movie made me laugh like crazy. 

The nickname works not just appearance-wise but character-wise as well – sitting at home, drinking beer, and doing nothing. If you’ve watched the movie, The Big Lebowski, you’ll understand the reference. If you didn’t, here’s a photo comparison of the two characters to help you understand.

thor lebowski

2. King Thor

One of the most epic, iconic Thor nicknames, for me, is the moment we start referring to him as King Thor instead of Prince. King Thor appeared numerous times (for instance, in Thor Vol. 6 #7) after he became the King of Asgard when the All-Father, Odin, passed away.

King Thor is just an epic character. He has all the wisdom and power of Thor, and the All-Father, making him just insanely overpowered. Wait until he becomes Old King Thor…

1. Odinson

Now, Odinson could actually be interpreted as a part of Thor’s real name, or his last name, if you will. It actually means the Son of Odin, and it is by far the most iconic (nick)name ever used for Thor. It works even better because, no matter how annoyed Thor and Odin get at each other, that level of love and respect can always be felt through the name Odinson.

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