Point Proven, The IMAX End Game Trailer Shows Size Does Matter

IMAX End Game Trailer Comparisons

Point Proven, The IMAX End Game Trailer Shows Size Does Matter

There’s an old adage that describes hockey as a game of inches. A puck can hit or miss the net by inches and the outcome of either can determine a win or loss. 

If hockey has taught me anything it’s that inches mean everything. 

I’ve often wondered how much of a difference watching a movie on the IMAX screen actually is. I know it’s bigger (26% bigger) and the sound is better than a traditional screen but does it matter? Without having ever watched a movie in IMAX, I’ve never been able to answer that question.

Now, thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign by IMAX, I have an answer. 

26% makes a difference

The company has released a side-by-side comparison of the Avengers End Game trailer in both IMAX and traditional format. And the difference is noticeable. Heads aren’t lopped off. Backgrounds are given greater depth. And what may be unimportant images, suddenly seem important.

Surpassingly, of all the movies shot over the last 75 years, Endgame is only the second one ever to be shot completely with an IMAX camera. The first, of course, being Avengers Infinity War. I really shouldn’t be surprised though. As one of the highest grossing movies ever made and one that will surely join the list, The Avengers movies bring a certain sense of grandiose expectations. IMAX satisfies those expectations.

The format is quickly becoming a mainstay in Hollywood production. Not only are the screens bigger and the sound better but they also provide a higher aspect ratio. With movies franchises like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, DC, and Marvel using the cameras, IMAX is ushering in a new age of film. And the world has noticed. As they become recognized by Hollywood, movie-goers are following suit. Aquaman has already reported higher than projected numbers in IMAX. End Game will be no different. 

Avengers End Game hits theatres April 26, 2019.



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