Impossible Man: Bio, Origin & History

Impossible Man Origin

Real Name: N/A as Poppupians are without names

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #11 (February, 1963)

Powers: Shapeshifting, ability mirroring and teleportation

Affiliation: On and off again associate of the Fantastic Four

Did You Know? The Impossible Man actually possesses no name.

A Little History

A member of the Poppupian race and hailing from the planet Poppup, Impossible Man grew up amidst turmoil and constant danger. This was such a problem that to evade it, the Poppupians evolved in a way that allowed them to transform into whatever they could imagine. This meant that, like Mystique, they could shape shift. More impressive than this, however, was that the species also shared a group mind. That is, each one could access the memories and genetic history of one another. This happened on such a level that as long as one member of the species survived, so too would the entirety of their history.

Eventually, the Poppupians grew tiresome of their home planet and began to seek out new forms of entertainment. This led one of the members to find Earth. 

On Earth, the naturally mischievous Poppupian began to run amok and wreak havoc. This wasn’t done so much as an attack on Earth but instead as a by-product of the species desire to act out pranks and the like. Unable to handle the alien, the authorities called in the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four were left in a state of disarray by the Impossible Man. This was primarily because they didn’t quite understand how to handle the creature. He was far too strong, fast, smart, and, well, impossible for the quartet.

Luckily, Mr. Fantastic realized that the Impossible Man, more than anything, craved the attention he was receiving. He quickly convinced the city of New York to simply ignore him. Shortly after the entire city ignored him, he announced that he was bored of the planet Earth and opted to leave it.



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