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This week we sit down and talk to the one and only Thodoris Laourdekis. If you like comics, and we’re sure you do, you’ll want to take a peek at what Thodoris is up to. After you’re done, be sure to check out his work here.

What was your reason for getting into comics? That is, how did you end up involved in comics?

I started my career as a fine artist, taking part in art exhibitions in Greece and in England, but my love for comics was always there to remind me my inner child so I started developing my first story at night when I was going to sleep and soon enough I lost my sleep and the story became a passion. And I became addicted to comics since then.

Who would you say is your comic book inspiration as a writer?

Definitely Ashley Wood and Jason Shawn Alexander and Neil Gaiman as a writer, of course.

Before comics, what did you do? If you’re still doing it, what are you doing?

Running a coffee bar and something that most people don’t know is that a 70% of my comic work is created there.

What was your first work in comics like?

It was a 3 paged comic, pencils and inks, from an indie publisher and it was about a fantasy story.

How many years have you been working in comics?

I work around 6 years.

Tell me a little bit about your work. Where does it draw inspiration from? Where do you come up with your ideas?

I’m a lover of 80’s-90’s so my inspirations come from comics and movies of that age.

Who have you worked alongside in the industry?

I’ve worked with indie writers and publishers and hoping one day take a big step into the big mainstream publishing companies.

Growing up, who is your favorite character or team? Who is it now?

I would say Sandman and Hellblazer! Today I’m reading the “Kill or Be Killed”. It’s a really great comic.

Do you have any advice for a new writer who is just getting into the business?

Be afraid, do it anyway, and work your ass off!

Where do you see your work taking you?

To the big publishers.

What are you up to next?

I’m in the coloring process of my second comic named ” Missterry”

Where do you see the direction of the comic industry heading in 20 years?

I believe that as long as there are talented artists who are devoted to their passion, things will only get better. Hard work and positivity are the tools.

How can people get a hold of you?


Email: [email protected]

Where can we buy and/or see your work?

At my shop where you can buy my posters from movies, music, comics or at Comixology.

Any last words for the industry?

We were created to create.


Thodoris Laourdekis is an artist living and working in Greece. His works are mostly with inks but he also uses mixed-media like collages, watercolor, gouache, and charcoal, whatever it takes to get the right feeling.

He has collaborated with many writers and he has also published his own comic. Except for his comic works he also calls himself a fine artist as he has participated in many art exhibitions with works mostly in oils.

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