Indigo Lantern Corps “Indigo Tribe”: Bio, Origin & History

Indigo Lantern Corps
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Name: Indigo Lantern Corps (Indigo Tribe)

Founding Members: Abin Sur, Notromo

First Appearance: Green Lantern Volume 4, #25 (December, 2007)

Created By: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reiss, Ethan Van Scriver, Peter Tomasi

Did You Know: The Indigo Tribe is composed of the worst criminals DC has to offer

A Little History

Different from the rest of the Lantern Corps, the Indigo Tribe is a group that utilizes the power of the Indigo Light of Compassion. Their origins can be traced back to that of Abin Sur and his travels to the planet Nok. As he arrived on the planet, he was overwhelmed by the way in which it was being forcibly taken over by a group of explorers.

Before the siege, a native of the planet, Notromo, and a few others had uncovered a well that contained the power of compassion. Remembering this, the explorers quickly covered their weapons in the Indigo Light and proceeded to fight back. Upon first and second strikes, Notromo realized that once hit with the Indigo Light covered weapons, those who had done harm, instantly felt remorse for their actions. That is, the felt a strong sense of compassion for those they had done wrong.

Shortly after the defeat, Abin Sur and Notromo took it upon themselves to further utilize this new power. They did this because Abin Sur was very much aware of the Blackest Night Prophecy and was willing to do whatever it took to stop it. This led to the creation of the Indigo Lantern Power Ring.

Now armed with this new Ring, Abin Sur left Nok to seek out and bring back the criminal known as Iroque. In near experimental fashion, he then forced Iroque to wear the Ring and was shocked by the results. With the Power Ring on her finger, the once criminal was overcome with compassion and completely changed her way of life. Now with a full understanding of the capabilities of the Ring, Abin Sur fitted criminals from around space with the Rings in an effort to stop the aforementioned Blackest Night Prophecy.

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