Iron Fist Has Been Canceled – Where Did It Go Wrong?

Netflix Iron Fist Has Been Canceled

As the saying goes, it was good while it lasted. Iron Fist has been cancelled.

As recent as a few days ago Netflix announced that it would not be continuing with its Iron Fist series. This comes with very little surprise as before it even began, the show found itself in turmoil. From the accusations of whitewashing to the criticisms of its first season, Iron Fist never really found a strong foothold. Even a much improved second season couldn’t save it from its fate.

Iron Fist was always interesting. Not interesting in the sense of its content but interesting that it never found a home. The other Netflix outings, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones instantly struck a chord with their viewers. Iron Fist couldn’t replicate that.

Daredevil was gritty. Luke Cage was mellow. And Jessica Jones touched on more hot topics than the store of the same name. Not Iron Fist though. Iron Fist found a way to touch on all the wrong things.

Poor acting.

Terrible choreography.

A whiny Danny Rand.

A boring plot.

So sad…

In absolute transparency, I’m shocked that it was even brought back for a second season. By all accounts, the show was over before it began. Iron Fist never found a way to separate itself from all the other average shows on television. And by Marvel’s standards, that won’t do. 

This is a shame. By the end of the second season, it looked as though the show was finding itself. It had introduced fan-favorite Typhoid Mary, reduced its boardroom politics, and looked to have laid the groundwork for Ed Brubaker’s amazing run.

As a longtime fan of the character, I hope that this isn’t the last we see of Danny Rand. With no inkling of a second Defender season, his only hope rests on the broad shoulders of Luke Cage. This, if it were to happen, may happen only due to fan pressure to see Heroes For Hire come to life.

Now that Iron Fist has been canceled, we can only imagine what might have been.



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