Iron Man’s Out and We Will See Nick Fury In Spider-Man Far From Home

Nick Fury In Spider-Man Far From Home

It has been reported by Vulture that Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role and we will see Nick Fury in Spider-Man Far From Home. We have known for a while that Robert Downey Junior would not appear in the sequel; a move that leaves the title hero without a mentor.

As the youngest character in the MCU, Spider-Man has often looked to his older counterparts for advice. In both Homecoming and Civil War, he looked to the aforementioned Tony Stark, while in Infinity War, his mentors now included Dr. Strange. With RDJ saying he won’t be a part of the film and Dr. Strange actor, Benedict Cumberbatch echoing the same sentiment, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury makes the most sense.

But he won’t appear alone. Joining Nick Fury in Spider-Man Far From Home will be Colbie Smulders’ Maria Hill.

The ‘snap’

 Last we saw the two, they were disappearing after the most famous finger snap in cinematic history. The final scene in the movie shows them getting out a distress call out to Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel. The events of Infinity War changed the landscape of the MCU and as it stands, half of its heroes have ceased to exist. Of course, most of the heroes will return at the conclusion of the untitled Avengers 4.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is the first movie to release after Avengers 4 concludes and as a consequence, will be looked upon to firmly establish the character as an important one moving forward. It makes sense that Nick Fury will mentor him and it was him who put the Avengers together in the first place. 

Perhaps, Marvel is looking to Spider-Man to become the glue of the MCU after RDJ, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth disappear? Perhaps, they look at Spider-Man as they’ve always looked at Spider-Man…a can’t miss character? Or perhaps they see what they have with Tom Holland and look to exploit it?

No matter what happens and if Homecoming is any indication, Far From Home is bound to be great. 

Spider-Man Far From Home releases on July 5, 2019.

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