Is Aquaman Gay, Bisex, or Straight?

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Ever since his introduction in More Fun Comics in 1941, Aquaman has become one of the most popular superheroes of all time. He is a long-standing member of the Justice League and one of the most powerful DC characters. The mantle of Aquaman was originally held by Arthur Curry but over the years various adaptations of the character have meant that several other people have taken up the role of Aquaman. So, with that in mind, is Aquaman gay, bisexual, or straight?

Depending on the version, Aquaman can be straight, bi, or gay. The original Aquaman, Arthur Curry, is straight in both the comics and DCEU. Kaldur’ahm, who inherits the mantle of Aquaman from Arthur, is straight in Brightest Day comics and was re-introduced as gay in the DC Rebirth comics. However, in the animated series Young Justice, Kaldur’ahm is bisexual.  

Sounds confusing? Fear not. This article will explore all of Aquaman’s romantic involvements in both the comics and movies/shows to determine his sexual orientation. So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in figuring out, read on to get the full scoop!

Aquaman Love Interests in Comics and Movies/Shows

As aforementioned, the Aquaman title has been held by various people. Most prominent is the original Aquaman, Arthur Curry. The only other person to hold the title is Kaldur’ahm who used to be Aqualad.  It’s important to distinguish between the two because their sexual orientation is different.

This section will explain Aquaman’s most memorable romantic interests in both the comic book world and on-screen adaptations.


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The Original Aquaman, Arthur Curry

The original Aquaman, Arthur Curry, is the son of Atlanna, an Atlantean Queen, and Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper. He would, later on, secede from the Aquaman title and take up his birthright as the King of Atlantis. He’s one of the Justice League’s founding members and has a rich canon history spanning several decades.

In the comics, Arthur Curry has only been portrayed as straight. His main love interest is Mera. Mera is royalty from the Kingdom of Xebel. The two were arguably the first couple to tie the knot in the comics and are thus one of the longest-standing romances.

Arthur and Mera famously got hitched in 1964’s Aquaman #18 in what was the first superhero wedding in comic book history. They even had a son named Arthur Curry Jr. who was murdered by the infamous Black Manta. Later on, they have another child, Princess Mareena.

Aquaman and Mera Wedding
Aquaman and Mera got married in 1964’s Aquaman #18.

Their relationship has been tumultuous considering how long they’ve been together. However, Arthur has always been a family man and able to balance his commitment to his family and his cause. In 2014, as part of the New 52 relaunch, their status from married was changed to engaged. However, at the end of Rebirth, they get married and eventually have a daughter named Andrina.

Apart from Mera, Arthur has been involved with several other women in his comic book history.

In the 2011 comic book crossover story arc Flashpoint, Barry Allen changes the timeline when an attempt to save his mother from being murdered goes wrong. In this storyline, Aquaman is attracted to Wonder Woman and the two are even set to get married. Aquaman is caught by her lasso of truth, spilling his emotions to her and revealing she’s the reason he remained a member of the Justice League.

Aquaman Wonder Woman
Aquaman and Wonder Woman were engaged in Flashpoint.

Aquaman was also involved with Dolphin in Aquaman Vol.5 #25. While Mera is in exile in another dimension, Arthur and Dolphin become romantically involved with each other until she returns.


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The mini-series Time and Tide follow young Arthur’s adventures.  One adventure sees him in Alaska where he rescues an injured woman named Kako. The two grow close and they become an item. Kako’s grandfather casts Arthur out and we later discover that she bore Arthur a child.

Arthur and Kako Mini series comic Time and Tide
Young Arthur and Kako got together in Time and Tide.

In Aquaman: Sub Diego, an earthquake wrecks the city of San Diego and sinks it. Aquaman arrives at the scene to investigate and meets an investigative journalist Esther Maris. The two end up getting close until Arthur remembers Mera is back in Atlantis.


Kaldur’ahm became the new Aquaman after the latter left to become the King of Atlantis. He debuted in 2010’s DC comics Brightest Day #4 under the name Jackson Hyde. Jackson Hyde had a girlfriend named Maria and was therefore straight.

In 2016, there was a restructuring of the Aquaman mythology from scratch, and during DC Universe: Rebirth Teen Titans #6, the character was re-introduced as an openly gay teenager working as a member of the Teen Titans.

Jackson coming out
Aquaman (Jackson Hyde, real name Kaldur’ahm) came out as gay.

So, it can be said that in the comics, Kaldur’ahm’s Aquaman is both straight and gay. 

Movies/TV Shows

DCEU Aquaman, Arthur Curry

In the DCEU, Aquaman played by Jason Momoa has been depicted as a straight character so far. The evidence of this assertion is the events of the critically acclaimed 2018 film, Aquaman. In this movie, Arthur Curry and Mera are involved with each other, the culmination of which is a kiss they share towards the end of the film. So, as far as I can tell, Aquaman from the DCEU is straight.

Jason Momoa Amber Heard Kiss
Aquaman and Mera in 2018’s Aquaman film.

Young Justice Aquaman, Kaldur’ahm

The case is different for the animated TV show Young Justice: Outsiders. Arthur Curry abdicates his role as Aquaman to become the King of Atlantis. In Season 3 of the show, Kaldur’ahm, who was Aqualad, takes up the mantle of Aquaman.

Years before, Kaldur’ahm had developed feelings for a girl named Tula who was Arthur’s step-sister. However, the two never really had a relationship as Tula had her eyes set on Garth. However, in Episode 20 of the TV show Young Justice, Kaldur’ahm locks lips with a guard named Wyynde. Therefore, it’s revealed this version of Aquaman is bisexual.

Aqualad Kiss
Kaldur’ahm kissing Wyynde.


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The Bottom Line: Is Aquaman Gay, Bisex, or Straight?

There are two versions of Aquaman. The original, Arthur Curry, has been portrayed in both the comics and DCEU as straight. In the comics and movie, he was involved mainly with Mera. However, in the comics, he also had a thing with Dolphin, Kako, Wonder Woman, and Esther Maris.

When it comes to Kaldur’ahm, the case is different. He becomes Aquaman after Arthur leaves to become King of Atlantis. In the Brightest Day comics, he is straight and has a girlfriend named Maria. In the DC Rebirth comics that restructured the Aquaman mythology from scratch, the character was re-introduced as gay. In the TV show Young Justice: Outsiders, he is confirmed as bisexual as he has romantic interests in Tula (a lady) and Wyynde (a guy).

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