Is Ghost Rider Mexican? What Is His Real Name?

Is Ghost Rider Mexican What Is His Real Name
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Ghost Rider is one of the most iconic antiheroes in the Marvel Comics universe, known for his flaming skull,hellcycle, and his overpowered ability under the name “Penance Stare.” But while many fans are familiar with his striking appearance and supernatural powers, there’s still some confusion surrounding his origins and identity. One of the most debated questions is whether Ghost Rider is Mexican and what his real name is. We’ve decided to use this opportunity to explain the Ghost Rider’s origin story and the many identities that this elusive figure has held over the years. 

Two versions of Ghost Rider were Mexican since the character was first introduced. Their names were Alejandra Jones and Robbie Reyes. Alejandra was trained since childhood to serve as the recipient of the Spirit of Vengeance, while Robbie Reyes acquired the powers following a deadly car race that changed his life. So yes, some Ghost Riders were Mexican.  

Now that we’ve covered that two Ghost Riders in the long history of the characters were Mexican, it’s time to explore their origin stories as well as the events that led to them assuming the mantle of this iconic Marvel character. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Alejandra Jones was the fourth character to carry the name Ghost Rider and the first female Ghost Rider 

Alejandra Jones first appeared in Ghost Rider Vol 7 #1, released in 2011. Her origin story was that of tragic destiny. She was born in Nicaragua as the daughter of a human trafficker and a Mexican woman. She spent most of her early life as a part of the cult. As you can see, Alejandra Jones, the fourth Ghost Rider, was Mexican, she will soon relocate to the United States for a time, but this is something that will be discussed further down the line. 

Alejandra spent her childhood as a part of Adam’s cult that trained future vessels that are supposed to receive the Spirit of Vengeance. When Johnny Blaze selflessly gave up his powers, Alejandra was chosen to receive the spirit, and she assumed the mantle of the Ghost Rider.  

Alejandra Jones first appearance as ghost rider

She was sent on her first task to fight Skadi, the daughter of Red Skull, but was overwhelmed.  During Alejandra’s service as Ghost Rider, she was involved in a plot that included Mephisto, Adam, Blackheart, and the souls of the innocents. And, of course, Johnny Blaze would assume the position of King of Hell during her time. 

Ultimately, Alejandra lost a good portion of her powers, as she used them for selfish purposes. However, some remnants of Spirit of the Vengeance lingered inside her even after she transferred the spirit back to Johnny Blaze. After losing the spirit, Alejandra assumed the identity of Guardian Fantasma.


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What happened to Alejandra Jones? 

Soon after losing most of Ghost Rider’s powers, Carnage attacked Alejandra’s village that she protected as Guardian Fantasma. Carnage proved to be too powerful for her, and despite being joined by Danny Ketch, Alejandra was killed by Carnage. Consequently, some portion of Alejandra’s Spirit of Vengeance fused with Carnage for some time. 

Alejandra Jones Death

Robbie Reyes is the current Ghost Rider, and like his predecessor, he is Mexican

Robbie Reyes debuted in the All-New Ghost Rider #1 in 2014 and currently holds the mantle of this iconic character. Robbie Reyes was born to Mexican parents, even though he was born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. Robbie is the second Mexican Ghost Rider following Alejandra Jones, who had a Mexican mother. 

Robbie Reyes had a younger brother he needed to protect and care for. Robbie knew that his current neighborhood, Hillrock Heights, was extremely dangerous and had no environment to raise a child. He was desperate to improve his and his brother’s lives and move somewhere better and safer. 

Robbie Reyes bad neighborhood

Since Robbie worked as a mechanic, he lacked the funds to secure a brighter future for himself and his brother. This is why he decided to join the race. The reward for winning it was 50 000 dollars—just enough money to move to a safer neighborhood. 

How did Robbie Reyes become Ghost Rider? 

Robbie broke into the car saloon where he worked and stole a car. He didn’t know then that the “Spirit of Vengeance” possessed the car.

Robbie reyes stole a car

He took part in the race, but after some time, he noticed that he was being followed. Robbie assumed that the police were following him. His mind immediately jumped to his younger brother, who, in case Robbie ends up in jail, will be left alone in the unsafe neighborhood. Robbie tried to escape but eventually reached a dead end. 

Robbie Reyes car possessed

He exited his car, and as soon as he kneeled to give himself up, he was shot at by the attackers, whom he assumed were the police. They left him for dead and wanted to burn the car down. However, the unthinkable happened, and instead of dying, Robbie was transformed into a demonic entity taking vengeance upon the attackers. 

Robbie Reyes shot at

When he woke up, he thought that everything was an illusion until he transformed again. He will eventually discover that he is possessed by the spirit named Eli, who possessed the Double Charger that Robbie was riding the night he died. When the two bonded, they became the Ghost Rider. Eli was, however, not the Spirit of Vengeance. Robbie will be bound with the true version of it later in the storyline. 

Robbie Reyes transformed into ghost rider

Robbie is different; however, he decides to use his supernatural powers to earn money and secure a better life for his brother. 


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As you can see, two Ghost Riders were Mexican, Alejandra Jones and Robbie Reyes. When it comes to both of them, their heritage and ethnicity played huge parts in their respective storylines. And while Alejandra’s story seems to be over for now, we are looking forward to the new adventures of Robbie Reyes with the Avengers. 

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