James Gunn Sheds Light on the Development of J.J. Abrams’ Black-Led Superman Movie

James Gunn Sheds Light on the Development of J.J. Abrams Black Led Superman Movie

There are plenty of DC-based projects currently in development, and while all eyes are on Gunn’s DCU and his upcoming ‘Creature Commandos’ & ‘Superman’ we occasionally forget that Elseworlds, which ‘The Batman’ film series and several other upcoming projects are a part of, are doing their own thing.

Before the DCEU was officially rebooted into the DCU, J.J. Abrams was working on a black-led Superman movie along with Ta-Nehisi Coates. Since nothing was heard about the movie in a long time a fan asked Gunn on Threads whether the movie was still in active development, and Gunn answered that it was.

gunn on jj abrams superman

Naturally, this movie is set to be released under the Elseworlds label, which houses DC-based “alternative universe” projects such as Mat Reeves’ ‘The Batman,’ the upcoming ‘The Penguin’ show, and ‘The Joker’ among others.

When James Gunn took over the DCU under his reigns he decided to cancel ‘Man of Steel 2’ and reboot the ‘Superman’ franchise with a younger actor through ‘Superman: Legacy’ (now titled ‘Superman’) but this never ruled out other Superman adaptations that were planned to be developed under the former leadership.

Not much is known about the Abrams’ project except for the fact that it’s going to focus on the black version of Superman. Abrams is set to produce while Ta-Nehisi Coates was attached to the movie as screenwriter. Nothing is known about the cast as well, once again this movie was kept in uncertainty for at least a few years now up to this point.

What’s weird is the fact that Gunn is seemingly okay with alternative versions of Superman existing in live-action while CW’s Brad Schwartz recently revealed that ‘Superman & Lois’ was canceled due to Gunn not wanting to have competing Superman products on the market.

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