Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth Is Going To Be Produced and Aired On Hulu

Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth to Hulu
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And now Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth is set to be adapted into live action. Hulu, also the network responsible for Marvel’s Runaways, has ordered the Vertigo series to be put into production. As a fellow Canadian, this comes as no surprise. Jeff Lemire has long been considered one of the top writers in comics and is one of my personal favorites. Not only is he responsible for Sweet Tooth, but he also had a great run on Moon Knight, wrote and illustrated The Underwater Welder, gave the world Essex County, and helped launch Justice League Dark.

Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth follows the adventures of Gus, a young, orphaned human-animal hybrid as he learns about who and what he is. The catch is that the world he lives in has been decimated by a plague. While on his journey, Gus befriends Jepperd who reluctantly joins him to keep him from harm.

What separates Jepperd from Gus is that unlike Gus who was transformed as a result of the plague, Jepperd has not been. Don’t let that force you to believe that Jeppard is without any quality that makes him interesting. He is quite the opposite. After the plague transformed the near entirety of the world into human/animal hybrids, Jepperd was left untransformed. What makes him special is that his wife has passed on and he is left to come to terms with her loss.

At his best

Sweet Tooth is often considered one of Lemire’s best works. Since its creation, many have chimed in on its brilliance. The team over at cineflect said this, “Sweet Tooth is a unique comic that represents what the fringes of the medium can offer and spins one of the best post-apocalyptic sagas ever spun.”

But it doesn’t stop there. 

The kind folks at Den of Geek had this to say, “Lemire writes with his pen first, using pictures to convey mood and emotion, but he also carves out words and dialogue when the drama most requires it. Working with simple, uncluttered panels animated by characters’ expressions and atmospheric landscapes, this is cartoon and magical realism that is both heartbreaking and heart-warming.”

Hulu should be proud that they are bringing Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth to the masses. I have no doubt about how good it will be. Now if only someone would adapt his Essex County…



Title Image © Vertigo

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