Jenna Ortega Takes on the Role of Batgirl in Fan-made New ‘Batgirl’ Trailer

Jenna ortega as batgirl

A fan-made trailer for a Batgirl movie starring Jenna Ortega has gained over 1.03 million views in less than five days. Created by KH Studio, the trailer uses various effects, sound design, AI technologies, and movie analytics. However, it’s purely for entertainment and doesn’t indicate any real projects involving Ortega and DC. Despite this, rumors about Ortega’s potential casting may continue due to the trailer’s popularity.

Even though the trailer features DCEU characters, it’s unknown whether something related to Batgirl is planned in Gunn’s DCU.

When James Gunn and Peter Safran took over as CEOs of DC Studios last year, we knew nothing would be the same. Indeed, it didn’t take long for the studio to officially announce the end of the DC Extended Universe and the start of another cinematic universe, DCU, that will replace it as a soft reboot. That change in leadership led to the cancelation of the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel, ‘Wonder Woman 3,’ and Dwayne Johnson’s plans for his Black Adam. However, not only unproduced movies were the victims of this leadership change at DC Studios.

The former leadership of then-DC Films wanted to expand DCEU content on streaming as well, which led to the announcement of ‘Batgirl’ and ‘Blue Beetle.’ However, ‘Blue Beetle’ was later changed to have a theatrical release, and ‘Batgirl’ was ultimately canceled even though the project was already in post-production.

Before it was canceled, Batgirl was supposed to star Leslie Grace in the titular role, J. K. Simmons was supposed to reprise the role of DCEU’s James Gordon, and Brendan Fraser was set to play Firefly, the movie’s villain.

The budget of the movie was around $90 million dollars, and although Warner Bros. and DC Studios provided some so-called explanations on why the movie was canceled, the real truth behind this unprecedented movie may never be revealed.

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