John Wick: A Character Desperately In Need Of The Comic Treatment

John Wick

John Wick 2 is set to hit theaters this February and I for one am excited. Admittedly, before seeing the first movie I had never heard of John Wick. After completion, I ran to the nearest comic store wondering where I could continue my John Wick education. Much to my chagrin, they clerk told me that it does not exist as a comic book.

I don’t want to say I broke down and starting crying but I got as close to that as humanly possible. So much to the point that as she handed me a Kleenex, the clerk asked if I was alright followed by two simple words, “Man up.”

On that day, a part of me died. 

Who is John Wick?

John Wick is a retired underground assassin who is forced back into “action” when his car is stolen and his dog (a final gift from his dead wife) is murdered. As I watched it for the first time I knew, “shit just got serious”.

John Wick, while far from perfect, is a good dose of what happens when two former stuntmen turned fans come together to make an action movie. It is gritty, highly entertaining, visually impressive, and does not cease to disappoint. It has the required criteria for a good shot ’em up comic. Mindless action followed by semi-interesting dialogue.  

If I was a betting man, I’d bet that John Wick 2 will be much of the same.

Why then, is there no comic?

I went to bed frustrated for nearly a year but just like Disney says, “Dreams do come true.” 


A partnership between Dynamite and Lionsgate Entertainment has made my comic dream a reality. In 2017 John Wick will become a comic and upon hearing this, I reached for the Kleenex that the clerk passed my way and sobbed like a baby into it. 

Yes, I still need to “Man up.”

It isn’t entirely revealed what the premise of the comic book will be. There is speculation that it might tie directly into John Wick 2 but I doubt it. It would be far more entertaining if it told its own set of stories separate from that of the movies.

John Wick Comic
John Wick by Giovanni Valetta

When asked about the series, Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci said this:

“John Wick was such an exciting film, mixing martial arts action with snappy dialogue and smart writing. As the credits rolled, you were left wanting more, and it was obvious that they had the makings of a franchise. We were quick to pursue the opportunity to develop a comic book series, and are thrilled to have been granted the rights to tell all-new stories with the character!”


Dynamite has released a few images done by artist Giovanni Valetta as to what the character will look like. You would be shocked to learn that he looks like Keanu Reeves. Well…”John Wick” Keanu and not “Bill and Ted” Keanu. I don’t believe that the series will be a long-lived series. More like a 12 or 24 issue series that rises and falls with the success of the second movie. Quite frankly the length doesn’t matter. It’s the content that counts and it will be good.



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