Jonah Hex: Bio, Origin & History

Jonah Hex
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Real Name: Jonah Woodson Hex

First Appearance: All-Star Western #10 February – March, 1972

Powers: Hand to Hand Combat, Outstanding Marksman

Affiliation: Apache and Navajo tribes, Black Lantern Corps

Love Interests: Cassie Wainwright (deceased), Mei Ling,

Enemies: Quentin Turnbull

Did You Know: Jonah has a son named Jason

A Little History

After his mother left Jonah and his father (who was abusive) Jonah was taken across the land by his father in search of gold. In their journey, the two stumbled across an Apache Tribe. After a discussion with the Chief, Jonah was sold to the tribe in exchange for some fur pelts.

Only 13-years-old and unsure what to do, Jonah Hex took to the ways of the tribe. Through it, he gained tremendous survival and hunting skills. In fact, his skills were put on full display while he saved the Chief from an oncoming puma attack. Upon saving the Chief, Hex was made an official member of the tribe.

This adoration made the Chief’s son, Noh-Tante jealous.

When the two were sent to a neighboring tribe to steal their horses, Noh-Tante betrayed Jonah and left him for dead. Upon his return, Noh-Tante told the tribe that Jonah Hex was killed.

Shortly thereafter a group of white men attacked the tribe in pursuit of their scalps. In the attack, Jonah was spared.

Seeking revenge, Jonah sought out to find his tribe. When he returned to camp, he found that they had packed up and moved on. For the next number of years, Jonah Hex searched for them all-the-while becoming lethal with a gun. When he returned he challenged Noh-Tante to a duel. During the duel, Jonah realized that he was supplied with a defective tomahawk. In defense, Jonah pulled out a knife and killed Noh-Tante.

As punishment for killing Noh-Tante, Jonah’s face was scared and he was banished. This lead into his life as a bounty hunter.

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