Jyn Erso: Bio, Origin & History

Jyn Erso

Real Name: Jyn Erso

First Appearance: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Powers: N/A

Affiliation: Rebels

Enemies: The Empire

Love Interests: Hadder Ponta

Did You Know: Jyn Erso was created by John Knoll to give his daughters a role model to look up to.

A Little History

Jyn was born in a Separatist prison on the planet Vallt to Galen and Lyra Erso. She was born there due to Galen’s unwillingness to cooperate and share his knowledge of Kyber Crystals with the eventual Empire. She and her family spent a total of 6 months in confinement before Galen’s longtime friend/enemy Director Orson Krennic ordered them to be sent to Coruscant. Eventually, her father was offered and accepted a position in Helical Hypercom on the planet Lokori.

Realizing those whom he worked for were using his work to power a weapon, the Erso’s escaped to Lah’mu where they would live out their lives in hiding. As a way of creating safety for their daughter, the Erso’s instructed Jyn that if the Empire were ever to come, she was to hide in a hidden room underneath a rock. From there she was to contact their now friend, Saw Gerrara.

As luck would have it, Krennic came looking and Jyn took to hiding. Tragically, before hiding, she watched her mother die at the hands of Krennic.

When Jyn turned 16 she joined Gerrara and his band of freedom fighters. Within his group, she was responsible for forging scandocs that would allow them access to inaccessible places. Eventually, Saw began to realize that those he worked with were piecing together that Jyn was the daughter of Empirical Scientist. Fearing for her safety, he abandoned her during a mission to Tamsye Prime.

Later in life

Some years later, the Rebels rescued her from a jail-bound caravan. They quickly learned who she was and ordered her to revisit her old friend, Saw Gerrara. While visiting Saw Jyn learns that her father had created a way in which to destroy the near-complete Death Star and that the plans to carry this out could be found on the planet Scarif.

After an unsuccessful plea with the rebels to go to Scarif, Jyn and a few other believers stole a ship and made their way to Scarif. While they were able to retrieve the plans, it came at a great cost as all who made their way into Scarif, did not make it out. This, of course, included Jyn.

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