Katana: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Tatsu Yamashiro

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #200 (July, 1983)

Powers: Superb Martial Artist and Samurai Warrior. Her Weapon, The Soul Taker, captures the souls of whomever it kills.

Affiliation: The Outsiders, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey and Justice League

Love Interests: Maseo Yamashiro

Enemies: Anyone who opposes her code of honor

Did you know: She has appeared in numerous media sources

A Little History

Born in Japan as Tatsu Yamashiro, Katana was encouraged to study martial arts. As a young woman, Tatsu attracted the eye of two brothers, Takeo and Maseo. In the end, Tatsu chose Maseo. The choice resulted in a wedge being placed between the two brothers. As a consequence, Takeo left. While away, he joined the Yakuza and became an extremely high-ranking member.

Tatsu and her now husband, Maseo, lived happily together and gave birth to twin children. Takeo, still upset and his hatred rising came into possession of a mystical sword called The Katana. With the sword, he decided to get revenge on his brother. He then used The Katana to fulfill his revenge and kill Takeo. Unable to comprehend what had happened, Tatsu wrestled the Katana away from Takeo. The struggle ignited a fire in her house.

Tatsu then attempted to rescue her children. Just as she began to look around, she heard the voice of her now dead husband. He told her that it was too late and that she must leave the house.

As it turns out, The Katana had been created by a 14th-century swordsman named Muramasa. Due to the creator, the sword possessed special powers and was known as the Soul Taker. It received this recognition because, as in the case of Maseo, it took the souls of those that it killed.

Now a member of The Outsiders, she continued her search for Takeo so that she may exact revenge. What she didn’t realize was that Takeo arranged to have the sword stolen. Now back in his possession, he conjured up a spell and released Maseo. The spell gave Takeo control over his dead brother and with it, he attempted to have him kill Tatsu, or at the very minimum, have her kill him in self-defense.

She refused to kill him and Maseo would not obey his brother’s orders. Instead, Maseo tricked Tatsu into killing him so that her friend may survive. She then wasted no time in killing Takeo for all that he had done.

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