Killer Croc: Bio, Origin & History

Killer Croc

Real Name: Waylon Jones

First Appearance: Detective Comics 523 (February, 1983)

Powers: Regenerative Healing Factor, Superhuman Strength, Super Speed, and Enhanced Senses

Affiliation: Suicide Squad

Enemies: Batman, Robin, Clothing made from Reptile Skin

Did You Know: Killer Croc is the original Crocodile Dundee. At one time, he wrestled Alligators with his bare hands.

A Little History

Waylon was born with a form of Atavism, which gifted him reptilian traits and characteristics. In short, Atavism is a regression of evolution. For Waylon, characteristics that had disappeared in previous generations (reptilian characteristics), began to reappear.

His condition was so unusual that his birth caused his mother to die. After her death, he was raised by his alcoholic Aunt and tormented by the kids at school. Angered by what was happening in his life, he attempted to kill a fellow student. This act led him to spend some time in a reform school and juvenile hall.

Before the age of 16, Waylon had been arrested because of robbery and sentenced to serve 3 years in jail. While in prison, he built up his list of connections. Unfortunately for a new prisoner, Waylon lost his temper and killed him because the new prisoner was stupid enough to make a joke about his appearance. As a consequence, Waylon was to serve an extended jail term.

Finally, after serving 18 years, Waylon was released. Upon his release, he joined a traveling carnival where he wrestled alligators to the death under the moniker, Killer Croc. Over the course of those 18 years, his body continued to evolve. It did so to the point that he became impervious to bullets. Also, as a by-product of his evolution, he became more and more animalistic, developed an increased strength, quickened speed, and most importantly, the ability to regenerate from wounds.

Killer Croc fled to Gotham to pursue his hopes of becoming the leader of the criminal underworld. Initially, he worked as the muscle for the mob but that wouldn’t last. Eventually, he took it upon himself to begin taking out all those who opposed him.

At one point, Killer Croc encountered Bane. Unbelievably, Bane was able to break both of his arms. Of course, his regeneration saved them and as a result, his transformation quickly progressed and he became even more animalistic.

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