Kingpin: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: William Grant Fisk

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July, 1967)

Powers: Above Human Agility, Dexterity and Strength.

Affiliation: The Hand, Criminal Underworld Boss, Director of Hydra (Las Vegas faction)

Enemies: Spider-Man, Daredevil, Elektra

Love Interests: Vanessa Fisk

Did You Know: Kingpin made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #50. This issue primed him to be one of Spider-Man’s villains, yet he frequents Daredevil titles.

A Little History

Fisk was mocked, picked on, and tormented as a child.

Faced with the option to let it get to him or let it fuel him, he let it fuel him. He went straight to work in the gym and trained in bodybuilding, combat, and sumo. Now with a body built by the Gods, he began going to the library to work on his mind. His main focus of the study was Political Topics.

Kingpin first appeared as a reaction to Peter Parker giving into and quitting his life as Spider-Man. His quitting propelled a Daily Bugle campaign claiming that Spider-Man was no longer. Because of this, the underground crime boss, came to light to take control of New York.

Of course, Peter dawned the costume once again and reclaimed his right as Spider-Man. Unaware that Spider-Man was back swinging high above New York, Kingpin planned a mission to silence the Daily Bugle, and more importantly J. Jonah Jameson who was running stories about his intentions.

While this was happening, a rival gang member rose up to challenge the bulky Fisk. Unfortunately for him, he did not know that his bulky physique was a disguise for his power hidden underneath.

After successfully kidnapping J. Jonah Jameson, Fisk was tracked to his hideout by Spider-Man. Immediately the two began to battle with Fisk gaining the upper hand via knockout gas. With Spider-Man defeated and Jameson in custody, Fisk prepared to exterminate both. The two were placed into a water chamber and floated helplessly while it filled.

Fortunately, Spider-Man was able to free himself with enough time to create a bubble out of his webs that would allow the two protection from the water. With the two thought to be dead, the tank was emptied, This, of course, allowed Spider-Man the opportunity to escape. Now free, he mounted his attack. Luckily for Fisk, he was able to escape.

Fast forward a few years and Fisk looked to take control of the East Coast. To accomplish this, he blackmailed his rivals. Unhappy with what was happening, his rivals took his wife, Vanessa captive.

This series of events leads Daredevil to find his place of business to retrieve any and all evidence Fisk had on his counterparts. While he was successful in getting in, he wasn’t successful in retrieving the evidence. Just as he was about to acquire it, Fisk caught him and stopped him in the act.

This didn’t discourage Fisk, however, He agreed to give up the evidence in return for the safe return of his wife. While Daredevil was out saving his wife, Fisk rebuilt his crumbled organization.

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