Kl’rt The Super-Skrull: Bio, Origin & History

Kl’rt The Super-Skrull

Real Name: Kl’rt

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #18 (September, 1963)

Powers: Shapeshifting, possesses all the powers of the Fantastic Four but elevated.

Affiliation: Skrull

Did You Know? The Super-Skrull was created to get revenge on the Fantastic Four for stopping the Skrull invasion.

A Little History

First appearing inside the pages of Fantastic Four #18 back in 1963, the Super-Skrull was the creation of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

Kl’rt was born on the planet Tarnax IV. On the day that Kl’rt was born, he was no different than any other Skrull. He had the ability to shapeshift, looked like a Skrull, acted like one, and even talked like one. Yes, he was average.

Kl’rt became the Super-Skrull after volunteering for a procedure that saw him augmented with the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four. This meant that he could do exactly what each member of the Fantastic Four could do. Like Reed Richards, he could stretch. Like Sue and Johnny Storm he could turn himself invisible, fly and burst into flames. And like The Thing, he had super strength. The difference, however, between him and each member of the Fantastic Four was that he possessed better control and strength over his power. Basically, he stretched further, had more control over his invisibility, burned hotter, flew further, and was stronger than his opponent.

Now dubbed the Super-Skrull by the Emperor of the Skrulls, Dorrek, he was sent to Earth to invade. 

All looked well for Kl’rt the Super-Skrull. He had arrived on Earth and successfully beaten the Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, Reed Richards saw that the source of his power was a beam from his home planet and quickly developed a device to jam it. With the beam jammed, Kl’rt was deprived of his power and the team was able to defeat their foe.

Now shamed, Kl’rt was given a stronger power source and returned for round two. This time he returned disguised as the now captured Dr. Franklin Storm, the father of Sue and Johnny Storm. As Storm, he attacked the Fantastic Four claiming that he had received powers in a Skrull jail. Mr. Fantastic saw right through the charade and threatened a fight to the death with Kl’rt and to drop an atomic bomb on the Skrull home planet. The Skrulls, not wanting either, brought their Super-Skrull home and returned Dr. Storm to Earth. Before they sent Dr. Storm home, they laced his body with an explosive. As the bomb goes off, Storm throws himself on top of it, saving many lives but costing his own. 

Disgraced by his many defeats, Kl’rt the Super-Skrull is banished from his homeworld. 

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