Eric Kripke Confirms Authenticity of Controversial (and Digusting) Scene in ‘The Boys’


The Boys, one of the world’s most popular superhero series, premiered its fourth season on June 13, 2024, with the first three episodes. Despite initially lukewarm reactions, the season has since earned a Certified Fresh rating and increased viewership, although it has faced backlash from some disgruntled fans review-bombing the new episodes. During the airing of the series, showrunner Eric Kripke has been actively discussing its future, the current season, and various other aspects in numerous interviews. Kripke is known for his openness on social media and has recently revealed that a scene from the series was unscripted and completely authentic.

Kripke’s frequent updates and insights, especially regarding behind-the-scenes moments and creative decisions, continue to intrigue fans and critics alike.

Recently on Twitter, Kripke confirmed that a shocking and unsettling scene from The Boys was entirely unscripted. Claudia Doumit’s reaction in the scene was genuine, prompting the decision to keep it in the final cut.

The scene in question features Doumit’s character, Victoria Neuman, receiving an email supposedly containing sensitive and incriminating information Hughie had on her. Initially, it appeared Billy Butcher had deleted all data except for one file sent to Neuman. However, the reality was different. In a brief moment, Doumit’s character struggles not to break character after opening an attachment that unexpectedly reveals a close-up photo of Butcher’s unshaved buttocks. While humorous and fitting for Butcher’s character, Doumit’s genuine surprise at the photo meant she had to fight to stay in character during the scene.

As confirmed by Kripke on Twitter, this is exactly how it unfolded:

Kripke himself confirmed this in the comments of the original Tweet. While not a pivotal scene in the series, it highlights the dynamic nature of The Boys‘ production, making it intriguing to learn how certain moments unfolded.

This wraps up our current update, but stay tuned for further developments!

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