Eric Kripke Confirms ‘The Boys’ Will Not Adapt the Homelander/Black Noir Comic Twist


‘The Boys’ Season 4 premiered on June 13, 2024, with its first three episodes, initially receiving mixed reactions. However, the series has gained momentum and is now Certified Fresh with strong ratings. Despite this success, it has been announced that the series will conclude with Season 5, a decision that surprised many given previous hints from showrunner Eric Kripke about a potential continuation beyond Season 5.

While fans will only get one more season, Kripke has assured that the ending will be surprising. Known for his occasional social media updates and insightful interviews, Kripke recently confirmed that the well-known twist from the comic book won’t be adapted for the series, citing various reasons. This decision promises a fresh and potentially captivating direction for the show.

For those unfamiliar, beware of spoilers ahead from The Boys comic book. If you’d rather not know, proceed cautiously with this article.

In the comic book, a significant twist revealed that Homelander wasn’t the villain he appeared to be. Instead, it was uncovered that Black Noir was actually a clone of Homelander all along, operating under his guise to carry out certain actions. This shocking revelation added depth to the story and contributed to The Boys becoming a cult favorite title.

As it stands, Eric Kripke has opted not to use the same twist ending for the series, ensuring that the Amazon show will feature an original conclusion.

The Black Noir character is very different and interesting in the comics. Was that ever a storyline that you were interested in at all?

No, and I don’t mind saying it. In the comics he’s a clone of Homelander this entire time and is actually the one doing all these horrific things. And again, it’s a hell of a twist. But it’s like, well wait, the villain I’ve been following isn’t really the villain. And mileage varies, and I’m sure fans are mad I’m not going that way, but that felt not as satisfying to me. I’m like, if I’m going to follow this villain, I want this guy to be the villain. So I was never really into the clone idea.

Plus, cloning feels like too — I’m going to sound silly — but cloning feels too magical for the show. We try to say that superheroes are the only slippery banana, and that everything else we try to make as grounded as possible.

Source: Variety

This is great for two reasons. Firstly, it shows that Kripke is carefully crafting his own storyline, prioritizing the series’ unique world and narrative coherence over blindly following the comics. Secondly, it promises a fresh and intriguing conclusion to the series, adding excitement for Season 5’s finale. Kripke’s decision not to simply replicate the comic book’s ending is commendable and offers fans something new to anticipate.

This wraps up our latest update, but stay tuned for further developments!

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