Larfleeze The Orange Lantern: Bio, Origin & History

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Name: Orange Lantern Corps

Founding Members: Larfleeze

First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 4, #25 (December, 2007)

Created By: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reiss

Did You Know: The Orange Lantern is powered by avarice or greed

A Little History

Over a billion years old and forced into slavery at a very young age, Larfleeze knew no limits to a life of misery. As a slave, Larfleeze and his fellow slaves were starved and treated very poorly. This was done as a measure to weed out the weak and create an army of only strong slaves. It is thought that, for a time, Larfleeze was affected by the poor treatment and occasionally heard the material possessions of the society begging that one day he would own them. Eventually, Larfleeze escaped and became a wanted criminal.

Now escaped, Larfleeze joined a gang. Shortly after joining, he and his gang stole an artifact from the planet Maltus. Among those artifacts was the Essence of Parallax or the Fear Entity. Due to him now possessing the Fear Entity inside of his box, the Guardians of the Universe sent out the Manhunters to subdue him and take back the Parallax. Larfleeze and his gang found a way to escape the Manhunters and upon resting, they discovered that also among the artifacts was a map to some treasure.

The map led he and his gang to the Vega System and it was here that they all found the Orange Lantern. Because the Orange Lantern is powered by Greed, it forced the members of the gang to fight amongst themselves. In the end, it was Larfleeze who took possession and became the only being to wield the Orange Power Ring (for awhile). Hence, Larfleeze The Orange Lantern.

Understand this though. Larfleeze has gone on record stating that some of this story is true while other parts are false. Which parts, however, has not been stated.

The Oath:

What’s mine is mine.

And mine and mine.

And mine and mine and mine.


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