Leslye Headland Confirmed What Her Favorite Episode of ‘The Acolyte’ Is and Fans Wholeheartedly Agree


‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ just released Episode 5, and we’re officially more than halfway through the show. Judging by the latest episode, the second half will definitely be an improvement over the first half.

Episode 5 finally revealed who the Sith Lord that’s been training Mae is, it killed off some of the most notable characters from the show and set some pretty intriguing mysteries that we are going to tackle in the last three episodes of the show.

Episode 5 is so far the highest-rated on IMDb, and the creator of the show Leaslye Headland herself confirmed that it’s her favorite episode. Fans tend to agree with her, we’ve seen ‘The Acolyte’ missing quite a few points in the first 4 episodes, and its terrible pacing really made it hard to appreciate the slow burn of the mystery that’s been building.

Fans have nothing but praise so far for the show, with most compliments going toward the choreography. Even before the show aired, Dafne Keen and Headland teased a fight that would be better than Maul’s Duel of Fates, I wouldn’t go that far, but the action was pretty good, in fact, even in the first 4 episodes that little action we’ve seen was the only saving grace of the show.

Even the fact that Qimir (the most obvious choice) turned out to be the Sith Lord received some praise, despite the controversy surrounding it due to the show not exactly being “mysterious” when dropping hints:

Do you agree with Headland and the fans? Let us know in the comments below!

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