Lewis Pullman Sheds Light on Sentry’s Powers in ‘Thunderbolts*’

lewis pullman comments on Sentrys powers

‘Thunderbolts*’ bound to be released in 2025 is one of the most exciting upcoming releases. The movie aims to introduce a brand new team of anti-heroes to the MCU, and one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics in general, Sentry.

Sentry’s role was marked with difficulty during the development of the movie, as numerous actors were considered for the role, starting with Austin Abrams, Dev Patel, and Steven Yeun, who ultimately refused the role. The role eventually landed to Lewis Pullman, something which was confirmed by the studio several months ago.

Now speaking to Happy, Sad, Confused Podcast, Pullman opened up regarding what the fans can expect from the role. Pullman was shown an image of Sentry, and commented on his locks, he also claims that he had never worn anything similar in his life, referring to Sentry’s iconic yellow-blue costume.

The host and Pullman started talking about superpowers, and Pullman claimed that he would like to have shapeshifting, as in that way he can mimic all other powers. The host then asked for confirmation that Pullman’s Sentry in ‘Thunderbolts*’ would indeed be a shape-shifter.

I haven’t looked into Sentry, that’s the first I’ve heard that name but Sentry, sounds kind of snaky shape-shifty vibe.

This line was delivered with humor as Pullman is obviously trying to convey important thing about the character without revealing too much about the movie. Shape-shifting is not the most common of Sentry’s powers, but it is a power that he technically has.

Following a confrontation with Molecule Man, Sentry discovers he possesses the power of molecular manipulation, which he uses to revert himself from the liquid state Molecule Man had turned him into. These powers mainly serve to maintain his physical form, but their full extent remains unknown. Despite lacking control over his abilities compared to Molecule Man, Sentry is able to defeat him. The relationship between Sentry and The Void suggests that The Void’s shapeshifting may stem from Sentry’s molecular manipulation.

Reynolds’ molecularkinesis could potentially grant him regenerative healing abilities, in addition to his near-invulnerability. It’s theorized that most of his powers derive from his ability to alter matter and energy, allowing him to simulate various superpowers with practice. He demonstrates this ability unconsciously as The Void. Full control over his powers, gained after overcoming agoraphobia, enables him to manipulate molecules to an even greater degree.

So it’s likely that Pullman was actually referring to molecular manipulation rather than shape-shifting since shape-shifting doesn’t provide you with the superpowers of a copied person by default.

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