Logan: Professor Xavier, X-23, and Everything Else About The Movie


Logan launches on March 3, 2017, and I feel very comfortable proclaiming that it will be the best of the trilogy.

It may come as a surprise, but I hated the first solo Wolverine movie. Not only was the plot incoherent, poorly scripted and an overall mess, it took everything that was cool about Wolverine and ignored it.

The second Wolverine movie entitled “The Wolverine” was better, but far from perfect. Admittedly, I have only watched it once. It, along with most other movies with Wolverine in them, don’t sit too high on my must watch and re-watch lists.


It isn’t as though I don’t enjoy what Hugh Jackman has done with the character over the years. He has taken Wolverine from the scrawny, out of shape character we saw in the first X-Men movie, to the sculpted, brash and perfectly epitomized version we saw in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

It is more that I have a personal preference for Marvel Studio movies over the Fox movies.


If the rumors are true, and judging by the trailer (which by the way had the best soundtrack for a trailer that I have ever heard) that was recently released, “Logan” will be the best of the 3 Wolverine movies.

Based on its competition, how could it not be?

Dark, gritty, and hopefully true to the character.

From what I could tell, the trailer eludes to a mesh of numerous storylines, the first of which is the fan-favorite “Old Man Logan” written by Mark Millar. I won’t go into detail about its contents because not everyone has read it, but rest assured that if you haven’t read it before the movie, you will want to after.

Just so you know, we (as in my brother and I) are giving away a copy of “Old Man Logan” in the second week of December. To enter, all you need to do is fill in the form on the right of this article (or at the bottom if you’re reading it on a phone or tablet). The draw will happen on December 16, 2016, with the winner receiving a copy with enough time to read the book before the movie comes out.



One of the other stories that Fox appears to be blending in is X-23.


Long story, short, a renowned geneticist named Sarah Kinney is hired to recreate Weapon X (Wolverine). Upon starting her work, she quickly realizes that the genome recovered from the original Weapon X program was heavily damaged and unusable.

Sarah, unwilling to give up on her work decides to duplicate the X-Chromosome, eventually succeeding on the 23rd try. Hence, X-23.

What can X-23 do?

X-23 has retractable claws, enhanced strength, extensive healing abilities and anything else that you can think of when you think about Wolverine.

Donald Pierce

It is interesting to see him in the trailers.

Donald Pierce, not to be confused with Alexander Pierce from Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a long-standing X-Men enemy. His is a mutant-hating extremist who will stop at nothing to see the total annihilation of the species.

In fact, Pierce has been credited with killing many mutants in the X-Men universe and has even crucified Wolverine as a means to send a message to any mutants who oppose him.

If the movie follows the storyline of Old Man Logan, then I will assume that he is responsible for the state of the mutant population and not…well, I can’t spoil that, now can I?


Professor Xavier

Not only will this movie be the last instance that we get to see Hugh Jackman as a member of the X-Men universe, but it will also serve as Sir Patrick Stewart’s final hurrah.

From the look of the trailer, Professor Xavier is extremely aged in the movie and not doing well. To put it plainly, he is a frail and weak old man.

What does that mean for the movie?

If you paid attention to the scenes in the trailer, you’ll remember that there is a scene that shows Logan with a shovel in hand, blood on his shirt, looking down into what seems to be a hole. Speculation has run rampant that the hole could be a grave.

Could this be a prelude the death of Professor Xavier?


Make no mistake, the Essex Corporation is a part of this movie.

If you didn’t know, the head of the Essex Corporation is Nathaniel Essex or Mr. Sinister.

Sinister has a well-known fascination with mutant D.N.A. and is pivotal in some of the most well-known and beloved storylines in the X-Men franchise. His most notable work involves the cloning of Jean Grey as Madelyne Pryor and all the chaos that ensued because of it.

It is my guess that it is the Essex Corporation that is responsible for the cloning of Wolverine and the subsequent birth of X-23.


  1. If you didn’t know, this movie will be Rated ‘R’.
  2. There are two versions of the trailer out. One is the normal one and the other is the Red Band one. It is the Red Band one that gives us a glimpse as to how violent the film will be.
  3. This movie will be something to be desired. After the previous Wolverine films and the last X-Men movie (Apocalypse), it has to be.

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