Magneto vs. Dr. Doom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Magneto vs. Dr. Doom Who Would Win in a Fight

Both Magneto and Dr. Doom are incredibly powerful supervillains from Marvel Universe. Both are known to possess incredible powers and have numerous resources at their disposal. Both are also known to have unique powers paralleled by none. Though unlikely, who’d win if Magneto and Dr. Doom met in an all-out battle?

Dr. Doom would win in a fight against Magneto. Magneto has prodigious power over magnetism which would grant him a great start. However, Dr. Doom would win as he has an unparalleled grasp of science and a powerful mastery of sorcery. The way he melds these branches of knowledge would render Magneto unable to react effectively.

Now that you know the short answer, it’s time to analyze the hypothetical battle between the two in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in how these two villains stack up against each other, keep reading!

Mind Transference vs. Telepathic Resistance

Magneto is famously notorious for being impervious to telepathic attacks. His opposition to Charles Xavier, one of the most powerful telepaths in Marvel Comics, made him develop a strong resistance to telepaths. 

Unlike in the movies, his helmet doesn’t intrinsically grant him telepathic resistance in the comics. In the Uncanny X-Men comics, Emma Frost is unable to penetrate the mental block of a meditating Magneto despite being right in front of him.

magneto helmet

Dr. Doom is capable of mounting a wide array of mental attacks. For one, he is capable of hypnotism, for example, when he hypnotized a Kraken on Counter-Earth. Apart from this, one of his most powerful mental capabilities is Mind Transference. 

Dr. Doom trained with an alien race of Ovoids, and this gave him the power to switch his mind with that of another human being who he makes eye contact with. Doom once switched his mind with the Human Torch. However, most of the time, he uses this power as a last resort.

While Magneto’s telepathic resistance is formidable, it’s highly unlikely that he’d be able to resist Dr. Doom’s Mind Transference.

Point: Dr. Doom (1:0) Magneto


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Magnetic Force Fields vs. Mystical Force Fields

Magneto’s formative mode of protection is usually with a nigh-impenetrable force field that is capable of protecting large areas. In the comics, this force field has served to protect him from the effects of nuclear weapons, volcanic eruptions, the attacks of Avengers or X-Men, and the extremely inhospitable depths of space. It has also shielded him from plasma attacks that are hotter than the sun. It also remained intact in “Earth-616” after he was attacked by Ghost Rider and Hercules. It has even protected him from blasts by Jean Grey and Galactus. He can also conjure force fields to hit or trap an enemy.

In contrast, Dr. Doom is highly advanced in the mystical arts. At one point in time, Dr. Strange says he has the power required to become Sorcerer Supreme. One of the powers his knowledge of the mystical arts affords him is the ability to create Mystical Force Fields that are powerful enough to repel most attacks.

I should, however, mention that Dr. Doom’s Mystical Force Fields are nowhere near as powerful as Magneto’s Magnetic Force Fields.

Point: Dr. Doom (1:1) Magneto

Metal/Matter Manipulation vs. Elemental Manipulation

Magneto is capable of perceiving, shaping, and manipulating matter at the sub-atomic level. The extent of this power can be demonstrated by his ability to manipulate matter at the sub-atomic level, which enables him to indirectly manipulate non-metallic objects. He’s also capable of metal manipulation. 

He can also manipulate non-metallic objects by controlling the metal ores they may contain. He can also discern tachyons and some antiparticles.

Doctor doom

On the other hand, Dr. Doom is capable of elemental manipulation. This power allows him to create, shape, and manipulate elements. This means he is capable of affecting things that are composed of elements. For example, he is can create a blizzard out of nothing within seconds.

While Dr. Doom’s ability is powerful in its way, it can in no way compare to Magneto’s Metal and/or Matter Manipulation.

Point: Dr. Doom (1:2) Magneto

Magnetokinesis vs. Telekinesis

Magneto boasts of the power of Magnetokinesis which means he has full-scale control over all forms of magnetism. This allows him to move and manipulate metals and achieve several effects. He is capable of manipulating an entire planet’s magnetic field. 

At one point in time, Magneto enveloped the world in a self-generated electromagnetic pulse that caused huge destruction. He is capable of instantaneously assembling a complicated machine in a matter of seconds. This same power is responsible for Magneto’s ability to fly.

magneto flying

On the other hand, Dr. Doom is capable of moving objects using only his force of will and mental power. He gained this ability after being sent to the dawn of time by Marquis of death, where he spent a millennium transforming his mind and body. His telekinesis power is notable, and it also allows him to levitate himself.

Magneto wins this round. His Magnetokinesis is stronger than Doom’s Telekinesis.

Point: Dr. Doom (1:3) Magneto


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Equipment and Armor

Magneto doesn’t boast a lot of paraphernalia in his arsenal. For one, he has his helmet, which he uses to protect himself from psychic probes and manipulation. Secondly, the costume he wears doubles as his armor which he created using his magnetic powers. It’s an amalgam of highly durable metallic alloys that protect him from physical injury. He can additionally use any metals around him to reinforce his armor.

Magneto rarely uses weapons because he mostly relies on his natural powers. Some magnetically-powered devices he invented include machines for inducing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. He also, at some point, uses mechanisms to magnify his power.

By comparison, Dr. Doom heavily relies on equipment. His armor is quite advanced thanks to it being nuclear-powered and computer-assisted.  It also has magical capabilities, having been forged at a monastery in Tibet. Since then, he has included numerous technologies to make it more powerful. 

Some of these modifications include freeze gloves, an electrical field, an inhibitor ray, knuckle rockets, a stun shocker, a mini-missile launcher, and an instant hypnotism impulser. In all his battles, Dr. Doom heavily relies on numerous devices he invents to give him an edge over powerful opponents. Throughout his appearances, he’s used over 100 devices.

Point: Dr. Doom (2:3) Magneto

Physical Conditioning

Dr. Doom has trained his body to extreme levels for years on end. He is extremely fast and agile and has also displayed feats of immense reflexes.  His physical strength and durability can match even those of Daredevil. 

He has performed extraordinary feats of strength, including pulverizing a diamond with his hands, killing a lion with one punch, lifting Thor’s Mjolnir, easily breaking a titanium net, and breaking an Adamantine coffin, among others. He has peak human conditioning.


On the other hand, one of Magneto’s weaknesses is his physical condition. His ability to use his superpowers is dependent on his physical condition, and when he’s injured, he’s incapable of withstanding the strain of using his magnetic powers. He’s highly susceptible to mental and physical fatigue that ultimately affects his ability to use his powers, especially if he overexerts himself.

In a battle with Magneto, Dr. Doom’s peak physical human conditioning would eventually come in handy.

Point: Dr. Doom (3:3) Magneto

Will Power

Dr. Doom has the strongest will on Earth, and this is regarded by many as his greatest strength. He has incredible determination and fearlessness to achieve his goals. While he was tortured in Hell, he showed no indication of pain. His willpower can be described as godly because he was capable of creating an entirely new planet after stealing Beyonder’s abilities. He held this planet together with just his will.

Magneto does have an indomitable will that pushes him to strive to complete his goals no matter what it takes. This same force of will allows him to resist telepathic attacks. However, from all indications, it appears Dr. Doom trumps him when it comes to willpower because Magneto doesn’t rely on it as much.

Point: Dr. Doom (4:3) Magneto


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Magneto vs. Dr. Doom: Who wins?

A battle between these characters would be quite a close call. Magneto’s affinity to magnetism and all the abilities it affords him would be a hard opponent to beat. However, Magneto’s powers have a limit, and when he’s mentally and physically fatigued, he is beatable. With enough preparation and thanks to his mystical capabilities and superior scientific knowledge, Dr. Doom would eventually be able to subdue Magneto.

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