Enough Is Enough, My Heart Can’t Take The Marvel Netflix Cancellations

Marvel Netflix Cancellations Signal The End Of An Era

I shouldn’t be upset but I am. Fuck the Marvel Netflix cancellations. Marvel and Netflix have finally dropped the axe on The Punisher and Jessica Jones. They now join the other Netflix shows, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil as distant memories. What’s surprising is not that they’ve been canceled but that they’ve canceled Jessica Jones before the third season hits. 

Netflix and Marvel have always made the cancelation announcement for their shows after the season has been out for a couple of weeks. Daredevil did it. Luke Cage did it. Iron Fist did it. And now The Punisher has done it. From a marketing standpoint this makes perfect sense. Why sabotage your work before it has a chance to do well? 

Jessica Jones has been sabotaged and won’t get the chance to do well. 

I consider myself a comic fan (I run this site, it’s YouTube channel, and a Not For Profit that gives comic books to children in developing countries) but I can honestly say that I haven’t watched the second season of The Punisher. In truth, I probably won’t watch it at all. Knowing that there isn’t a third season means that I don’t need to know much if anything about the second season. It wasn’t as though I knew it was going to be canceled but after watching the other properties fall, it was pretty obvious. 

There’s a good chance, especially now that it has been canceled, Jessica Jones will follow a similar fate. 

Look, it’s reasonably forgivable what’s going on. I get that Marvel is probably canceling their shows on other networks because they want to bring all their properties to their upcoming streaming service. I’d probably do the same. But what isn’t forgivable is that they’ve done it with no intention of continuing them on their service. Perhaps there are some legalities that I’m unaware of that prevents them from doing this…and if that’s the case, let them remain until there is a suitable conclusion to the series in place. 


Legion is a good example. The show has been canceled but not for the reasons you may believe. The show was canceled because it reached a suitable ending. There was no more story to be told. Each of the Marvel/Netflix shows had lots of stories to be told. This was made apparent by the fact that each had a cliffhanger ending in their final season.

I suppose that I’m a little sourer than I should be. After all, the Disney and Marvel merger hasn’t failed me up to this point. But watching some really good shows fall is a tough pill to swallow.

No matter the Marvel Netflix cancellations, The Punisher season two is currently on Netflix and Jessica Jones season three is scheduled to join it later this year.



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