Yes, It’s True…There Is A Spider-Man Far From Home Countdown Clock

Spider-Man Far From Home Countdown Clock

A Spider-Man Far From Home countdown clock? C’mon Marvel, is there anything that you don’t do right? Spider-Man Far From Home is coming in the middle of 2019. As one of Marvel’s most hotly anticipated movies, they have stepped up their game and created a countdown clock to let fans know exactly how far out the movie is.

Yes, Marvel has created a Spider-Man Far From Home countdown clock.

And it’s genius. Pure genius.

We know very little about the movie as Marvel has remained tight-lipped. So the countdown clock is welcomed. Don’t get too discouraged, however. We do know a few things. 

First, Marvel is trying to keep as much of it under wraps as possible. This makes sense given that it is the first movie to hit theatres after Avengers. With a track record of leaks and slip-ups (Mark Ruffalo, LEGO, Tom Holland), Marvel is doing everything they can to see it not happen again.

Fair enough. They should.

Second, many of the stellar cast that found a home in Homecoming (pun intended) will be returning. But that’s not all. In addition to the already great cast, comes Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury and Colbie Smulders’s Maria Hill.

Third, with the inclusion of Mysterio, Far From Home might very well be the most visually attractive movie to date. Certainly, they set the bar pretty high with the visuals in both the Quantum Realm and Mirror Dimension. This cannot be denied. But I have a feeling that these will pale in comparison to what we will see from Mysterio.

A short wait

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait until the clock is finished to see our first true glimpse of the movie. The first trailer should drop sometime in December. And if rumors and my somewhat incredible calculations are correct, it’ll come as a preview of Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse.

The Spider-Man Far From Home countdown clock is more than an intelligent form of marketing. The Spider-Man Far From Home countdown clock is a beautiful reminder of the power that Marvel holds. Oh, and, of course, the spectacle that’s sure to strike when the clock hits 0:00.



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